Carla & Nancy

Nancy and Carla

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello there. We are Carla, Nancy and Avery, a fun-loving and adventurous family who are excited and eager to grow our family. Life as a threesome has been an amazing journey of learning, growing, loving and celebrating. We respect and honor your difficult choice in considering adoption and support the decision to make an adoption placement if that is right for you. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a bit through reading our letter and are delighted to get to know you and your dreams for the future of your child. We are open to answer any questions you may have about us or our family.

How We Describe Ourselves:  

  • Caring
  • Exuberant
  • Family-oriented
  • Fun-loving
  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Open-minded
  • Patient
  • Playful
  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
With our son, Avery, at Family Camp, Occidental, CA

About Us

We met over 12 years ago while volunteering for a non-profit program and developed a wonderful friendship which bloomed into a love affair. We proposed to each other after hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney and were married in 2010. Neither of us would trade a day of this adventure together! With our mutual values of family, honesty, integrity and kindness, we are committed spouses, parents and community members. We’ve always desired to have a family, and we could not be happier with our decision to adopt Avery. He is the treasure of our lives. We cherish this journey together, becoming a generous, close and loving family. Adoption is familiar to us, not only through Avery, but also because we have many friends and playmates of Avery’s who have been adopted.

We love nature and enjoy hiking and camping in the mountains, kayaking on the California coast and vacations, often with our extended family. Carla loves skiing in the mountains nearby and Nancy enjoys sailing in the Santa Barbara area, on the Central Coast of California, where her parents live. We all love swimming in the local pools and going to the theater, especially musicals. We often sing and dance around the house like we are all on stage or having a dance party!  

We are so fortunate to have become Avery’s moms. He is a curious and playful 3 ½ year-old who delights in new experiences and challenges. He loves music, imaginative play, painting and art, climbing, reading, riding his bike, going to gymnastics class, and swimming. He has a generous heart and a great sense of humor. He is gentle with babies and thrilled to become a big brother. We are all very excited to include a new child in our wonderful family we have created.  

Hiking with Lily at Sugar Bowl, CA

About Carla, by Nancy

Carla is a grounded woman full of joy and enthusiasm. She is a dream come true for me—a wonderful listener, confidante and problem-solver. She is also an amazing Mom to Avery. Whether she is designing an art activity, helping Avery learn different sports, riding bikes around town, building forts or helping Avery grow his vegetable garden, she is thoughtful, consistent and kind. Carla exemplifies patience, playfulness and organization for Avery and our household. She grounds both me and Avery every day.

Carla was born in San Francisco, grew up in the Bay Area and now often visits her parents and family in the Sierra foothills where she is an active Auntie to her nephews and a great support for her parents. Carla enjoys playing softball, hiking and rowing with the Outrigger club. She volunteers for Avery’s activities and is looking forward to coaching youth sports when Avery is ready. Carla’s vigor in sports, recreation and service in our community encourages us to live life fully!

Carla is a Marriage and Family Therapist with her own practice, but is currently home with Avery most days working part-time. Carla has always wanted to be a mother and she is wonderful with Avery. I am inspired by her ever-present enthusiasm to learn new ways to help all the children in her life be the best they can be. She is very patient and has a nurturing instinct that notices the little things that are so important to children.    

Nancy face painting with niece in Santa Cruz

About Nancy, by Carla

Nancy is a powerful, kind and gentle soul who delights in helping others, learning new things and being a mom.  Her smile, laugh and outgoing personality are what first drew me to her. She is the calm presence in any situation, and the one that family and friends turn to for support. She notices the little things that bring peace and joy to us all and shares her gifts generously.  

Nancy was born and raised with her older brother in Santa Barbara. Her parents were both educators, and they provided a stable and loving home teaching her to be kind and patient, and encouraging her to strive to be the best that she could be. As a youth, Nancy enjoyed sailing, playing volleyball, dancing ballet and playing on the beach. She was drawn to children early in life and ran youth programs through the local YMCA and family camp in the Sierras while in college.

Nancy graduated from the University of California and is now an advisor with a local bank. Away from work she enjoys exploring the community with Avery, playdates with other families, gardening and hiking the many trails in the East Bay. Nancy answers to “Mama” with Avery and “Aunt Nancy” for a variety of nieces and nephews. Seeing Nancy with Avery has been pure magic. She is an amazing Mom with a playful, engaging, gentle and reassuring presence.

With Pop, Gramm & Avery at a Christmas tree farm

Our Family

Our parents have both been married for over 50 years, showing deep commitment to family life. Both our families adore Avery and are excited we are growing our family. We all value spending time with family at holidays, birthdays, but also for everyday times too. Avery and Grandpa run trains on the train set, Pop teaches Avery to fish, and Gramm plays hide and seek with Avery to squeals of laughter and joy. We regularly take vacations to Lake Tahoe, the Sierras and Hawaii. You can be certain your child will be surrounded by adoring cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who will be there to welcome and support your child as he or she grows.

Our Home

Our home is in the East Bay of San Francisco and is the perfect place for our family. Inside we have plenty of space for everyone, and the grasshopper and dragonfly nursery is in a lovely room that gets beautiful sunlight in the afternoon. We enjoy gardening in our yard, playing in the sprinklers and biking to the many parks around our neighborhood. Our town is safe, close-knit and kid-friendly. There are music and sports programs for kids, as well as a swim complex with a lap pool, diving board and wading pool where we can play in the water with the little ones. Our town has a “small town” feel with parades down First Street, a great Farmer’s Market and an annual tree-lighting ceremony with Santa. Our neighbors are terrific, with children of all ages on our block.

We share our home with our Golden Retriever, Lily, who is sweet and wonderful with kids of all ages. She plays chase and fetch with Avery and is always open to his many hugs.

Our Values

Our common goal as parents is to provide a safe, loving and inspiring home where our children are nurtured, challenged and celebrated. Our friends would tell you we are loving, compassionate, patient, calm, and enthusiastic. Our home is alive, in motion and full of creativity through reading, art and outdoor play. We live an abundant life where we will always encourage our children to follow their dreams; to maintain a sense of adventure and independence; and to have respect, kindness and love for others. We will provide unconditional love, support, guidance and compassion. We believe in structure and also appreciate spontaneity. We feel it is important to experiment with a variety of activities and experiences so the children can learn to identify their likes and dislikes. We value learning and travel; both of us are lifelong learners who enjoyed school. We provide education and enrichment for our children by sharing our love of literature, music and nature. We want our children’s life to be filled with fun activities yet also make time to simply “be.”

Thank You

Thank you for letting us share a little of ourselves, and reading of our dream to grow our family. We would be honored to become parents again and will treasure your child every day. We are deeply committed to each other and will honor your needs along the way as we build a strong, loving family through adoption. 

You can contact us as or 877-345-8259. You can also contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (800-823-6788), or email them at You can visit their website at