Jill and Daniel

Northern California coast— Our local playground

Northern California coast— Our local playground

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves: We are Daniel and Jill from the North Bay, which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We know you did not come to your decision lightly, and you are trying to give your child the best. We hope our letter gives you an idea of who we are as a family and all the love and support that we are ready to provide a child. Thank you for considering us. Whatever your decision, we wish you and your child the very best.

Our Life Together

We met in college and started dating 25 years ago. Jill thought Daniel was the kindest, most thoughtful person she had ever met, and admired how he was able to put everyone he spoke to at ease. She also loved how he made her laugh! Daniel admired Jill’s patience and what a great listener she is. He was impressed with her desire to do the best she could at everything she did and never giving up when she started something. We love being together and have now been married for almost 21 years.

At home we enjoy “movie nights” and Daniel likes to cook for Jill, usually finding something creative to do with the ingredients at hand. We are both active and love to hike, run, bike and swim together. We have done a relay trail run and triathlon together. Whether swimming in the ocean or getting a group together to hike Mount Whitney, we love being active and outdoors. We also really enjoy international travel and have been to Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

Our home is always open to friends and family. This month our friend came unexpectedly from out of town with her seven year old son. We whipped up some macaroni and cheese— her son’s favorite! Daniel’s niece and nephew used to spend the summers with us when they were kids—collecting lizards and investigating nature. We can’t wait for our own child to share many of these experiences. We look forward to taking our child on hikes, bike rides and paddling trips—as well as traveling with us when he or she is older.

DVM Jill at work taking care of a patient

DVM Jill at work taking care of a patient

About Jill, by Daniel

Jill grew up in Southern California an only child. Her parents have passed, but she has a lot of extended family, since her mom had six siblings. She is very close to her cousins who join us on our many adventures.

Jill went to veterinary school in Northern California and fell in love with the area, which is why we decided to settle here. She is now a small animal veterinarian and loves her job! She is also interested in starting a nonprofit that would expand her current support for her cousin’s school in the Philippines. She sends food, school supplies, clothes, etc., to help provide a better life for the school’s kids and their families.

Jill loves all sorts of outdoor activities, and recently found a new love in paddle boarding. At home, she takes pleasure in gardening—she is currently growing tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers and onions. Jill is also known as the one in the family who keeps in touch with everyone and she organized our first family reunion, where we gathered together for a week’s adventure in Orlando, Florida. Everyone had a great time! She loves planning all sorts of fun activities for friends and family—including a climbing trip to Half Dome in Yosemite. She recently helped a friend’s daughter learn how to swim and bike ride, after which we biked together to our local lake and then went swimming. The child had a blast! I know from how Jill is with the children in her life that she will be an amazing mom!

About Daniel, by Jill

Daniel in uniform

Daniel in uniform

Daniel is the oldest of eight children, and has thirteen nieces and nephews, and even more extended family. He grew up in Los Angeles, where his family still lives. They are close—staying in touch most days either by phone or text, and visiting often. We take trips down to visit the family several times a year.

As a child, Daniel enjoyed playing violin, baseball and football. He is still very physically active, but now mostly through hiking, biking and swimming. Daniel is very handy and is always the go-to person to fix things around the house or for friends and family. Daniel is retired from the Marine Corps. He spends a lot of time involved with his community. He was a volunteer firefighter for five years. He currently is part of several organizations that help our former military men and women and their families.

Daniel loves to spend time with his family and friends, and is great with children. In a visit with his twin nieces, he took them for a hair makeover and shopping for clothes since they are starting their first day in high school soon. With his college-aged nephew, Daniel provided a sounding board for a business venture he is starting, and helped get him started by giving him one of his first orders! Daniel also helped our friend’s son pursue his dream by getting him lessons and supplies he would need to get started. Whether our child is a boy or a girl, I can imagine how great a Dad he will be—he just has a way with kids!

Our Home

Our home

Our home

We have lived for 12 years in our home in Glen Ellen, California. Our house is very cozy and open. It is a beautiful, safe, small town in Sonoma County, about an hour north of San Francisco. The people in our town are close-knit and very friendly. Our community has many parks which offer a variety of outdoor activities.

We have a private lake and private playground and there is a creek behind our home which is fun to explore. One of the reasons we picked this neighborhood is it is a great place to raise children. Our nieces and nephews come and visit us and we have a blast swimming, biking, playing and exploring. We have two dogs, Scout and Zoey, whom we love to take hiking and to the beach. They love kids and will be great companions for a child. We also share our home with a sweet cat named Mosquito, a turtle named Toni and three fish (Moe, Larry and Curly).

Letter To My Future Child—by Jill

Jill hiking with a friend’s son on the coast near Jenner, CA

Jill hiking with a friend’s son on the coast near Jenner, CA

“I am ready for you and think of you often. You will have the most encouraging, nurturing, supportive father. And you will have a mom who will take care of you and protect you always. Most of all, we will love you unconditionally. You will have a large extended family who will always welcome you and who will spoil you rotten. I will make sure you get a good education, have many opportunities, and can pursue your interests. I will teach you about animals and nature; and we will explore and learn the world together. I will encourage you to do all sorts of outdoor activities to learn what you like to do. We will explore your interests in music and the arts to see what excites you. We will help you find your spiritual path as you grow older. We want to guide you to love others, love yourself, be yourself and to challenge yourself. We will be a family unit that supports and helps each other forever and you will know and feel this in your heart. I can’t wait to meet you.”

Love, your Mom

Letter To My Future Child—by Daniel

Daniel with our twin nieces as babies

Daniel with our twin nieces as babies

“I promise you that I will do the very best I can for you, always. I’ll work hard to be as involved in your life as I can. I want to read to you. I can’t wait to teach you how to swim, bike, and have fun. I want to experience the outdoors with you and look forward to going hiking and camping with you. I will be the kind of man who will protect you, provide for you, and love you. And I promise to grow and evolve with you— I want to be someone you admire and look up to.

Love, your Dad

Thank You

Thank you so much for considering us. We hope you feel we would be great parents to your child. If you would like to ask us any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by phone, toll free at 1-800-792-6112 or by email at daniel.and.jill2018@gmail.com.

You can also reach our compassionate adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at info@adamsromer.com. You can also visit their website at www.adamsromer.com.