Robin & Keith

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi! We’re Keith and Robin, and we are so excited about expanding our family through adoption. Thank you so much for reading our letter, and learning about our commitment to becoming loving and supportive parents.

We admire the courage it took you to make an adoption plan for your child. We know you want your baby to grow up well cared for, in a loving family, and with every opportunity to succeed. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt, and believe adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. We hope we can fulfill your desire to find a loving family for your child.

About Us

We met while both living in Los Angeles. Our first real date was going to the opening of Star Wars Episode 2. We quickly became best friends, and after two years of dating we moved in together. By this time, Robin had decided to enroll in culinary school. During her culinary internship she had the opportunity to do restaurant reviews for a magazine which sent us to restaurants all over L.A. This turned us both into lifelong foodies. In 2007, we both got jobs that relocated us to Virginia. During that period we got engaged, then met all our loved ones in Las Vegas for a wedding people still talk about to this day. In 2011 we made the move to San Francisco to be close to Robin’s family and have been here ever since.

We live with Robin’s mom, Marcia, and sister, Lisa. Marcia is a retired 40-year registered nurse, and having raised three kids, will be a great resource for both medical and parental advice! Robin’s older sister Lisa (known as Tia) is a loving, funny, responsible, and smart “auntie.” Keith’s mom, brothers and grandmother all live in Los Angeles, and we visit them several times a year to spend quality time together. Robin’s brother and his wife, and her dad and stepmom will also be an important part of our child’s life, along with many close friends.

Travel is a big part of our lives and will be for our child as well. Through Robin’s job, we have had a chance to visit London, Paris, Tokyo, and Bangkok together. While dating we visited Costa Rica, Milan, Munich, the Caribbean, and more. We can’t wait to get our child a passport and start filling up those pages with experiences he or she will never forget.

At home, we love taking our 4-year-old YorkiePoo “Chewie” for long walks on the beach, or to sniff and run with new doggie friends he meets at the park. He is good with kids, usually taking a subtle approach, patiently waiting for them to warm up to him. On weeknights we share home-cooked meals and then retire to the living room for TV time, hanging out and laughing together. On weekends we have game night, watch movies, or invite friends over for a special meal. When we have a little one, we look forward to frequent trips to the beach, Golden Gate Park, and, of course, Disneyland!

Keith yawning with baby

About Keith, by Robin

Keith is my best friend. He is the kindest, most generous, thoughtful, intelligent person I know. He makes me want to be a better person every day. Keith is the kind of guy who will give all he has in his wallet to someone in need. I value his honesty—he will always tell me what he thinks, and he makes me laugh like no one else.

Keith was born in Monterey Park, in Southern California. He has two brothers, and the three of them have an unbreakable bond. His older brother Desmond taught Keith to learn from his mistakes, but also to have a blast. All the kids in Keith’s school knew his ride had arrived from the loud ‘bumping’ of “Summertime” by Will Smith! Keith took on the “big brother” role himself when his little brother Derron arrived. Keith’s parents, Keith Sr. and Barbara were married for 35 years before Sr. passed away, and raised a close-knit family, sharing a love of bowling, dominoes, and barbecuing in the backyard.

Keith is a self-taught website programmer and also enjoys graphic design in his spare time. In 2013 he earned a certificate in web multi-media and currently works with a financial services firm. Keith is a gifted video gamer as well as a die-hard Marvel comics fan #WakandaForever!

I can’t think of a better person to raise a little one. He bonded with our friend’s pre-teen daughter so much that they now greet each other with a karate bow. He has this wonderful way of making kids feel unique and special—it’s his gift. Who knows? Maybe our child’s schoolmates will also listen for him ‘bumping’ Tupac when he picks them up from school!

Robin with her family at her Culinary School graduation

About Robin, by Keith

Robin is the kindest and most caring person I have ever known. She is my best friend and inspires me to do more and be better everyday. She grew up in San Francisco, the second of three children, and is acknowledged as the most “giving” sibling. When her younger brother was born, Robin gave him her favorite blanket. As a girl she collected old clothes and toys, donating them to the Salvation Army.

As a child, Robin wanted to become the first woman astronaut to go into space, and she attended Space Camp and then UCLA for aerospace engineering. But at UCLA, Robin changed course and opted for degrees in English and Psychology instead. Exploring all her options after college, she variously worked in the music industry, attended culinary school, and finally landed in a career in internet marketing.

Robin has always had a passion for food. To this day my favorite dishes she makes include twice baked potatoes, pasta carbonara, spicy garlic shrimp, and flank steak tacos. I look forward to her sharing her wonderful cooking skills with our child, as she did with me.

I can’t wait to watch Robin be a mom. She’s smart, honest and patient, but also has a goofy side. She listens with empathy, has a positive attitude, and is a great leader—all qualities that will make her a great mother. My favorite memory was watching her read bedtime stories to a friend’s finicky 3-year-old, who in the end didn’t want her to leave. He fell for her just like I do every single day.

Our San Francisco home

Our Home

We live in a family-oriented San Francisco neighborhood close to the ocean and near several large parks. We recently renovated our almost 100-year-old home—the same home Robin grew up in. We have a guest room we plan on turning into a nursery. The same rocking chair Robin’s Dad bought her Mom will rock our child to sleep as well. We have a large backyard with loads of grass for running around and new planters where we’ll try our hand at growing vegetables this year. Robin and her siblings all went to the local elementary, middle, and high school that are within walking distance. It will be so much fun to explore all the local jungle gyms, visit animals at the Zoo, paddle boat at Stow Lake, and play at Children’s Playground with our child, just like Robin did as a kid.

Our Commitment to You

Robin with our friend’s son

Life will always present challenges that enable children to learn and grow. We want to be your child’s biggest cheerleader as he or she figures out these challenges. We will teach your child that even when things don’t go as planned the result can be just as good and usually better. We will provide a loving, supportive home that includes a good education to help your child succeed in this world. We believe that education comes first and is the key to unlocking his or her potential now and into the future. We are also big fans of travel to show us how connected we are as people and enjoy what makes us unique and diverse. Because we are a mixed-race couple we feel that exposure to many different cultures brings more love in the world that will help your child become a healthier, more confident adult.

Thank You

Thank you for reading our letter. We want your child to always know the love you carry for him or her and the care you showed in finding the best home for your child to grow up in. We are confident we can provide such a home.

We would love to connect with you to learn about you and your dreams for your child (and to share more about us). We can be reached toll free at 1-844-395-9778 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at

Best Wishes,

Robin & Keith