Krishna & Kavitha

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello. We’re Krishna and Kavitha. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We can only imagine how difficult the decision to consider adoption for your child must be, and believe it is made through love for your baby.

We want this letter to show you the hope, love, and support our family would bring to your child and to share how excited we are to provide a child with a safe and happy home. We would be honored to talk about your own hopes and visions for your child and answer any questions you may have about us. We wish you the best on this difficult decision and your future.

About Us

We met each other in 2014—later in life than most people do—but we like to think that we were holding out for each other, our perfect mate. When we met, we discovered that we had been in college at UC Berkeley the same years and had friends in each other’s dorms, but never ended up meeting. When we did finally meet, we were immediately attracted to each other’s values, especially kindness.

Our family and friends mean everything to us. For both of us, our friends are our chosen family. We spend a lot of time laughing together, and value each other’s kindness and warmth that we each try to bring to our relationships.

We are hikers, partly for the exercise, but mostly for the opportunity to appreciate nature- the fresh air, wildflowers and wildlife. We also love to travel. Both of us grew up spending a lot of time in India where our grandparents and extended family live. Those times taught us that the world is diverse and beautiful and there is much to appreciate. Now we travel often in search of new experiences with interesting places and people. Kavitha fondly remembers the unique blue color of the lakes in the Canadian Rockies and the fried snacks called buñuelos we discovered in Colombia. We also love art, and are members of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a wonderful museum with world class art. We are excited to imagine experiencing all the things we love to see and do with our child whether that be introducing him or her to nature, new cultures, or the creativity of the arts.

Krishna with our niece

Krishna with our niece

About Krishna, by Kavitha

Krishna is the kindest person I have ever known, and there is really nothing he won’t do to help a person in need. He takes days off to help friends if they need help moving or a ride to the airport, and stops to help strangers with packages and suitcases.

Born in India, Krishna came to the U.S. with his family when he was two. He grew up with his younger sister in a small town in Pennsylvania. In the absence of extended family who were in India, Krishna grew up with family friends he is still close to today. Krishna dreamed of becoming an engineer and made it a reality, first getting a BA at UC Berkeley and then earning a graduate degree at the University of Michigan. Krishna works out of pure love of science. While he has built a successful career, he would probably do what he does for free!

Krishna grew up loving to read, and even now will give books as gifts to the children in his life. His time in Pennsylvania made him a Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers fan, but he is also a huge Golden State Warriors fan. Krishna is naturally curious; he loves to explore new hiking trails, new restaurants, and keep current about what is happening in the world.

I knew Krishna would be a great Dad from the time I first met him. He has so many traits in common with my late father, who had died the year before we met. My father was my hero, best friend, teacher, and loving parent. Many people commented when first meeting Krishna that he reminded them of my father. There is no higher compliment. Krishna adores children and they adore him. He is a baby whisperer to infants. Krishna convinced our niece that her favorite character from Legoland had followed her home after he bought the toy and left it for her to discover.

Kavitha with our niece

Kavitha with our niece

About Kavitha by Krishna

Meeting an amazing soul who educates, inspires, and challenges you is a rare and wonderful thing. Kavitha is all of these things, but also so much more.

Kavitha was born and raised in Cupertino (a town south of San Francisco) by immigrant parents who settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in the ’60s. Her parents raised her and her older brother with strong beliefs about fighting injustice and being selfless. These values led her to study law, attending UC Berkeley, and UC Hastings where she got a law degree.

Kavitha has dedicated her life to working at nonprofits that help the people who are most in need. In her career she has provided free legal services to immigrants, advocated for undocumented immigrants, trained companies about labor exploitation and is now championing immigrant rights organizations. It’s no accident that her close friends advocate for juvenile justice reform, women’s rights, environmental justice and more. I am so proud of her passion to do this important work.

Kavitha loves music and sings on, and occasionally off, tune. She was in an Indian classical dance company when she was younger and will dance to hip hop, salsa, or even bad 80s songs. She also loves food and always tries to figure out a recipe for dishes she eats in a restaurant. She is a San Francisco Giants baseball fan—she grew up going to games with her brother and dad.

Kavitha inherited a fierce independence from her mother and a strong moral purpose in life from her father. I know these strong values will be be passed on to our child. Kavitha cares deeply about the children currently in her life. She thinks about how our 7-year-old niece can gain more confidence or how our headstrong 10-year-old niece can feel better understood. These experiences have given me insight into how Kavitha will parent and nurture our child.

Our house and front yard

Our house and front yard

Our Home & Family

We have both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the most of our adult lives. We have a home in Mountain View (which is in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco), although we love to spend time in San Francisco. We have a nice yard and the kids in our lives enjoy playing in that space. There is a school and playground just one block away from our house and many children of all ages live in our neighborhood. There is a farm with a small petting zoo at a local park where we often hike. We love to walk to restaurants or to street fairs in our community. Our neighborhood has a diverse group of people. We choose to live in a place where our child will have a range of different experiences and learn to care for others.

Adoption and Our Values

With Krishna’s parents (L) & Kavitha’s mother (R)

With Krishna’s parents (L) & Kavitha’s mother (R)

We both embraced the idea of adoption from early on in our relationship. We are excited to bring a child into our lives. We want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally. We will nurture and support the child’s emotional, spiritual, and academic growth, allowing him or her the freedom to follow any calling he or she may have. We have a great value for teachers and education (Kavitha’s father was a professor) and recognize both of us have had tremendous opportunities to thrive because of our education. But even more than academic success, we want our child to feel joy. We are confident that our home will be a place filled with that joy expressed through laughter, music, dancing, and good food. We strive for our child to be gleeful, not pressured by social expectations or school competition. We hope our child will succeed, but on his or her own terms.

Thank You

Thank you for considering us. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Please feel free to call us toll free at 833.357.7586 or email us at Or, you can contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius or Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at

We wish you and your baby our very best.


Kavitha & Krishna