Soma & Uma

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are Soma and Uma from the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for taking time to read our letter. We appreciate you considering us as parents for your child. We admire your courage and the love you are showing for your child. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be parents and will strive to provide financial, spiritual and emotional stability for your child.

Our family is a melting pot of Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian and American cultures. We have traveled a lot, and appreciate the diversity of international cultures. We are very excited to welcome a child into our hearts and lives through adoption, and we look forward to sharing and celebrating our child’s culture with him or her.

We want to share a bit of our life journey with you, and express our love and commitment to raising a child. We would love a chance to connect with you to learn more about your desires for your child. Best wishes on choosing the right parents for your baby!

About Us

“We love to TRAVEL, so our child will experience the world first-hand as part of our travel ‘bug’”

We have been married for 18 years. Soma was born and raised in Malaysia and Uma is from India. We met through a family-arranged date and almost instantly decided to get married. While we are from two different cultures, we bonded through common spiritual, social and family values. When we met, Soma was working for a prominent tech company in Singapore, and Uma moved there after we married. After thirteen years living in Singapore, Soma’s company offered him a transfer to the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been here since 2014 and have a home in Santa Clara (part of Silicon Valley), which is very close to Soma’s work.

We love to travel. Meeting people who live different kinds of lives in other cultures expands our understanding of both our world and ourselves, and we consider this an important part of learning and growing as a person. This spirit of exploration has seen us visit many countries around the world: France, Britain, Korea, India, Indonesia, Australia and Hong Kong to name a few. Our favorite vacation so far was our safari in South Africa. Our child will experience the world and a variety of cultures first-hand as part of our travel “bug” and our widespread family. Closer to home, we are animal lovers, so the San Francisco and Oakland Zoos are among our favorite weekend outings. We look forward to seeing the animals through the wonder of our child’s eyes. One of the things we have appreciated most about the Bay Area lifestyle is the great weather and outdoor activities, and we are often out hiking, biking and exploring nature. We are excited to share these experiences with our child as well.

At home, we love to play board games and watch Disney movies (Disneyland is definitely in our child’s future!). We have become vegetarians as a respect for animal life, so we both enjoy cooking fresh, healthy meals. We grow vegetables in our yard—currently we have tomatoes, green chilies, eggplant and okra. We share an intellectual curiosity, and a keen interest in ancient philosophies and occasionally debate over them.

About Uma…by Soma

On safari in South Africa

On safari in South Africa

Uma is one of the most honest and ethical people I have ever met. I admire Uma’s values and her commitment to upholding them even in the most difficult times. Uma was born in India, and raised with two sisters, with whom she is very close. She went to college in India and has a masters degree in Public Administration/Human Resources.

Uma is a dedicated reader—she reads more books in a week that I can read in a year! She really enjoys learning new things—over the last several years she has learned about early childhood development, sign language, braille, and is now pursuing Sanskrit. She also volunteers her time with a specific interest in children and books. She was recognized by the Singapore government for her volunteering efforts at the National Library of Singapore, and she looks forward to doing storytelling time at the local library with our child. She currently volunteers as a math and English tutor at a local elementary school and as a braille translator at a county blind center.

She has a heart of gold and loves children. I know she will be a great mother and example for our child. She has a natural affinity with children, speaking with them on their level, and she loves to engage in many games and activities with them—especially reading, which is her passion.

About Soma…by Uma

I greatly admire Soma’s compassion, integrity and his devotion to family. Soma was born and raised in Malaysia. He has an elder sister by 15 years and a brother three years older. Family is very important to Soma. His parents have been married for 58 years. Last year, his dad celebrated his 80th birthday and his parents renewed their vows as part of the celebrations. Soma studied in Malaysia and earned a degree in Engineering, then got a graduate degree in Psychology while in Singapore. He worked as an engineer first in Singapore and now for a prominent tech company in California. Having lived many years in the urban environment of Singapore, Soma loves the natural space and outdoor activities available in the Bay Area. He took up road biking with a club, doing 30-40 mile rides, and also enjoys hiking. He looks forward to doing these activities with our child.

Family time and being a father will be a priority for Soma. We chose the location of our home (less than three miles from Soma’s work) so that he would not have a long commute. He is given the option of working from home some of the time, so his job gives him great flexibility for spending quality time with our child.

I can tell Soma will be a wonderful father by how he interacts with the children in his life now. He has a way of pulling kids out of their shells, asking them their opinions and treating them with respect. They always enjoy his company.

Our Families

Family trip to Disneyland

Family trip to Disneyland

“Our FAMILIES are very excited about our decision to adopt”

We are both very close to our families. We talk to them every week. Soma’s parents live in Malaysia, his brother lives in Vietnam, and his sister lives in India. Uma’s family is all in India. We make it a point to visit both our families yearly and spend some quality time with our nephew and nieces. Our families are very excited about our decision to adopt, and are looking forward to visiting us and providing their support to our newest family member.

We have built a wide social network of friends and community in our Bay Area home. They make up our extended family and we love being honorary ‘Aunt and Uncle’ to their kids. We often have our friends over for dinner and weekends. We know this network will provide a wonderful support for our child, with extended “family” close by and children to play with.

Our Home

The front of our home

The front of our home

Our home is in a quaint neighborhood surrounded by parks and trails with great local schools. We live in a cozy, three-bedroom home in Santa Clara, about half an hour south of San Francisco. We have a large yard with avocado, pomegranate and apple trees and a variety of beautiful roses that greet us in the morning. We even have our very own cherry blossom tree, that has the most beautiful blooms in March. We have plans to introduce a trampoline and swing set in the yard as our child grows. Our home is on a lovely, safe cul-de-sac of five families of young couples and children from diverse backgrounds. We look after each other’s homes, and often socialize together, including gathering for several annual holiday get-togethers. We often have parties and spend time in our backyard with neighbors, family and friends. It is a great place for children to play and be in touch with nature and soak in the California weather.

Our Values

“Parenthood will be our highest priority”

After many years of trying to start a family, we decided that adoption is the best path for us to become parents. We understand the commitment of raising children, and parenthood will be our highest priority. Once the baby arrives, Soma plans to take time off and cherish the time with our new baby. Uma plans to be a stay-at-home mom, at least for the early years. Our child will be surrounded by love and strong values, along with fun, books and toys. These are the things we value that we wish to share with and provide for our child:

  • Respect for humanity and spiritual values
  • Provide the opportunity for an excellent education
  • Travel, and the experience of diverse cultures
  • Spend time outdoors–connecting with nature and animals
  • Encourage our child to treasure all of life’s rich moments
  • Provide our child with the tools and experiences to create a bright future for him or herself

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and the home we wish to provide for a child. We hope to connect with you and learn about you and your dreams for your child.

We can be reached toll free at 1-833-388-5774 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at