Preston & Yojna

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are Preston and Yojna from the East Bay Area (near San Francisco). Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We respect and admire your courage in considering adoption for your baby. We hope that this letter gives you insight into our lives and our commitment to raising your child in a loving and supportive home. We hope to have an opportunity to connect with you and share your hopes and dreams for your child. We are happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

About Us

We met about nine years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party, while living in New York City. Within a year we were married. We lived five years in New York before Yojna’s job brought our family to the Bay Area. Yojna is currently working as a senior vice president in the financial services industry. Preston is a communications specialist with the County of San Mateo, with a side-gig as a professional photographer.

Our other “family member” is our six-year-old dog, Gumbo. We enjoy taking him for long walks around our neighborhood and to nearby parks. On weekends, we invite our neighbors over for lunch or dinner with their kids, who love to play chase with Gumbo in our backyard. During summertime, Preston enjoys grilling on our BBQ, and Yojna loves cooking all kinds of vegetarian food, especially Indian and Mediterranean dishes.

We love spending time together. Our typical weekend is spent running, hiking or biking. Our family visits us regularly, and we often try new restaurants with them. We enjoy watching movies and shows together, as well as listening to music such as jazz, hip-hop, and old rock. We enjoy going to concerts and museums—especially when there is a new photography exhibition. Yojna looks forward to taking walks with our child in the stroller, and Preston looks forward to reading to him or her and sharing his love of photography.

We love to travel—especially when we can experience different cultures. We have been to Greece, England, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. We visit Preston’s father and sister in Atlanta a few times a year. Yojna has extended family in Seattle, New York, and India, and we make trips to these destinations as often as we can. We look forward to sharing our love of travel with our child.

About Yojna…by Preston

Yojna exchanging Christmas gifts with our nephew, Tayo, in Atlanta

Yojna exchanging Christmas gifts with our nephew, Tayo, in Atlanta

Yojna grew up in India and lived in a large family that included her uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents. She moved to New York as a teenager in high school. She is still close to her extended family in India, and communicates with them often through Facebook and WhatsApp.

One of the things I admire most about Yojna is how hard she worked to pursue her own dreams while taking care of her family. She worked to put herself through college, was active in campus leadership, and took care of her mother Kanti, who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. She earned a business degree, became an accountant, and helped her parents financially, especially with their medical expenses. After her mother passed away, Yojna bought a condo so her retired father could comfortably live with her without having to worry about paying monthly rent. He passed away shortly after we moved to the Bay Area.

In New York, Yojna had a diverse group of friends, and loved getting them together for lunches and dinners—an activity she still does today. She has always loved to travel, having visited many countries in Europe and Asia by the time I met her. Yojna is energetic and affectionate, often like a kid herself. Nothing makes her happier than bringing out a box of toys with our neighbors’ kids and learning a new game. She is close to her cousins in Seattle, whom we visit often. Last summer, we went to a family reunion, where Yojna took her cousins canoeing and then cooked
s’mores over the campfire. I can tell she will be a great mother. She is not only playful, but also caring and responsible—she loves cooking healthy, yummy meals for the kids, and making sure they don’t stay up too late.

About Preston…by Yojna

Preston showing pictures to our friend’s daughter, Lily

Preston showing pictures to our friend’s daughter, Lily

Preston grew up in the South with his parents and sister, Louisa. His father was a teacher at various schools in Florida and Maryland, so they moved often. He enjoyed school, and loved biking, playing soccer, and Cub Scouts. He went on to get a BA in English and a graduate degree in creative writing. He taught English and Spanish before moving to New York, where he worked at non-profit companies in communications, writing, and fundraising. While in New York, he took an interest in photography and decided to do it professionally. Preston has become highly respected for his work photographing different cultures. He has traveled to 17 countries, documenting immigrant families and cultural histories, and has had his works in the Smithsonian Institution. He has friends all over the world. At his recent birthday party over 70 people worldwide came to celebrate with him. We look forward to sharing our “world community” with our child, and know it will expand his or her horizons.

I fell in love with Preston for his great sense of humor and because he is a patient listener and a kind and compassionate person. When I met Preston, my father had health problems, and Preston joined me in caring for him.

Preston’s father and sister now live in Atlanta, his mother having passed away when he was living in New York. Preston is very close to his father, and we visit his family often, especially during holidays. His sister, Louisa and her partner adopted a baby boy named Tayo, and Preston loves to spend time with them. When we visit, Preston loves playing with Tayo, reading to him, and showing him pictures Preston has taken from around the world. I know that Preston will be a patient and attentive father.

Our Home & Community

We live in the quiet, safe community of Union City, in the East Bay Area. Our four-bedroom home is in a cul-de-sac surrounded by families with young kids at various ages. We chose this town to start a family because it has a diverse community with good schools, safe parks, and friendly neighbors. Our closest neighbors know of our plans to adopt and have offered their support as an extended “community” so our child will grow up in a welcoming environment with many other children to play with—whether that be bike riding, skateboarding or playing in the park with our dog, Gumbo.

Our Parenting Values

Visiting with our friend & her daughter in the Bay Area

Visiting with our friend& her daughter in the Bay Area

When we found out we could not have a biological child, we were excited to turn to adoption. Preston’s family has very positive experiences with adoption: Not only has his sister adopted, his father was also adopted. We feel very fortunate to have the love and support of both our families in our adoption journey. Community is very important to us, and we have a strong network in India, the East Coast, and now the San Francisco Bay Area. Our child will be surrounded by the love and support of a diverse group of friends and family. We also both have careers in which we are supported in taking the time we need to make our child and family our priority.

We intend to provide our child with the best opportunities for education, which includes both college and graduate school if he or she desires. We plan to provide exposure to many different activities to let our child explore his or her interests and talents. Travel is an important part of our lifestyle and we look forward to sharing the experiences of different cultures with our child. We value respect and compassion for others, and wish to share those values with our child. We believe in giving guidance and direction but also providing the freedom to make and learn from mistakes. Most of all, we will shower our child with all our love and support.

Thank You

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We invite you to reach out to us to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-214-0854 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at