Josh & Cristina

Dear Expectant Mother,

Greetings! We are Cristina and Josh from the San Francisco Bay Area, and we are grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We are a fun-loving,
adventurous couple who have always known that we wanted to build our family through adoption. We admire your courage in making this decision out of love for your baby. We are honored that you would consider us and we hope that this letter will give you a sense of who we are and the happy and loving home we are ready to provide your child. We hope to have the chance to answer any questions you may have and to hear about your dreams for your child as well.

About Us

We met in New York a little over six years ago through a dating website. So wow, are we grateful for the Internet! Without it, we probably never would have met. We travelled in very different circles—Cristina was doing scientific post-doctorate work at a hospital while living in Manhattan and Josh was producing reality TV shows while living out in Brooklyn. We fell deeply in love almost immediately and were married in front of family and friends five years ago.

After a lifetime of East Coast winters for Josh and over a decade of living away from Cristina’s native California, we moved cross-country last year to settle in San Mateo, which is about 20 miles south of San Francisco. It was the best decision we ever made. We love our new home, making new friends and exploring the Bay Area with our adorable dog, Sprocket.

Having worked on a ton of cooking shows Josh is a pretty decent amateur chef and he enjoys preparing most of our meals at home. Cristina’s favorite dish is what we have dubbed Pasta a la Josh, which includes homemade tomato sauce, ground meat, veggies and cheese. Cristina is also a great cook and she loves to make Mexican dishes her grandma taught her like arroz con pollo and chiles rellenos. For Thanksgiving, Josh prepares a multi-course meal with all the traditional foods, as well as special delicacies like Beef Wellington and Oysters Rockefeller. This Thanksgiving feast draws friends and family from far and wide to celebrate with us.

We have a great passion for learning about different cultures and experiencing different lifestyles so we travel as much as we can. In the last few years we have visited Ireland, Hungary, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. On weekends, when we aren’t hiking local beaches and wilderness with Sprocket, we enjoy checking out the latest exhibits at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Zoo where we have memberships. These are all things that we very much look forward to sharing with our child.

With our niece and Sprocket


I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles with my computer programmer parents and younger brother and sister. My parents will be celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary this year and it is their strong and loving bond along with the values of loyalty and respect that have guided me as an adult. I’m the oldest by 6 and 10 years, so I helped in bringing up my siblings and it inspired in me early the desire to raise a child of my own one day.

I have several degrees, including a Doctorate in Immunology (study of the immune system) from Harvard University and Josh jokes that I am a classic overachiever, which is sometimes true. I owe this to my parents, who have instilled a life-long love of learning in me, something I hope to pass on to my child. I now work at a large biotechnology company where I teach doctors about groundbreaking Multiple Sclerosis medications and how they should be used to treat patients.

In my free-time I love hiking with Josh and Sprocket, taking yoga classes, painting, and tending to our small garden of plants and flowers. Also, I love going on international adventures with Josh and can often be found researching our next exciting travel destination.

About Cristina, by Josh: I count the day I met Cristina as the luckiest of my life. She is brilliant and warm-hearted, and she inspires me to be the best man I can be. As much as Cristina is motivated to achieve in her career, she is even more dedicated to her family and friends. She has a great way with kids. When we get together with our niece and nephew, or children of friends, she makes up cool games and teaches them fun songs and dances. I know Cristina’s loving, caring and creative nature will make her a wonderful mother to our child.

Playing on swings with a family friend

Playing on swings with a family friend


I grew up in Brooklyn, New York where I lived most of my life. I was raised by my grandmother as well as my aunt and uncle. Although not a traditional childhood, I was raised in a caring home filled with love where I was taught strong values and compassion for others. I went to college in upstate New York where I studied film. After spending time travelling through Europe after graduation I began a career in TV production. As a freelancer I have worked on a wide variety of productions, earning three Emmy Awards.

My family still lives in New York and despite the distance, we remain very close. My two cousins (who are more like my brothers) have started families of their own and I try to get back East to see my niece and nephews as much as I can.

I love living here in the Bay Area and taking advantage of the great weather, going on long hikes with Cristina and Sprocket. I am also a big animal-lover and spend my free time volunteering at a local cat/dog rescue. I am passionate about art, especially abstract sculpture, and I love any kind of science fiction film. Cristina and I visit the amazing museums and theaters in our area regularly.

About Josh by Cristina: Josh is an incredible man, and I am blessed to have him in my life. He is curious and empathetic, and a great listener. He makes me laugh every day, whether it is a spontaneous shimmy through the living-room or a cute little note with my morning coffee. And he is an incredible chef! Josh is truly the caretaker of our house, and I know he is looking forward to being a stay-at-home dad until our child starts school.

Our Home

We live in San Mateo (on the northern edge of Silicon Valley) in a warm, family-oriented community with terrific schools and access to many activities and events. We live in a lovely and spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment, with a large kitchen, a balcony filled with plants and a barbecue grill, and access to a fenced-in pool. We share our home with our super-friendly dog Sprocket and we are considering getting a second dog in the next year or so. We are two blocks away from beautiful San Mateo Central Park which has two amazing playgrounds, a baseball field where the local little league plays, as well as a community center that offers karate lessons for kids. While our families do not live locally, they visit often and they will visit even more when there is a grandchild here for them to spoil!

Our Parenting Values

From our very first discussions about building a family we have always known we would be interested in adopting. Cristina has several close cousins who were adopted and she has experienced the love and joy they brought to her family. Josh has always felt strongly that he would share with an adopted child the same kind of stable and loving home that his grandma gave him.

Since Josh’s career is more flexible and he is often able to work outside of the office, he plans to stay at home until our child starts school. We expect to share parenting responsibilities equally with Cristina taking off work for the first few months and arranging her schedule so that she can be home as much as possible. It is very important to us that our child receives the most care and attention we can provide.

Although we are not religious, Cristina comes from a Catholic background and Josh was raised in a Jewish home. Our plan is for our child to grow up with a strong sense of spirituality with a connection to the beliefs and traditions of both faiths. Our families taught us the value of education, hard work and to pursue our passions in life. We plan to do the same when it comes to our own parenting. We want to provide our child with everything he or she will need to be happy and self-confident, and we wish for our child to know that we will always be there for him or her no matter what. We look forward to sharing with our child our own passions for science, art, film and travel.

Thank You

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to speak with you. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-308-8135 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at