David and Mathew

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello! We are David and Matthew from the Bay Area. We adopted our son, Gus, two and a half years ago, and he has brought such joy to our lives. We would deeply love to grow our family, and hope to partner with an extraordinary and courageous woman like you to do so. To be given the opportunity to love and raise your child would be our greatest privilege, and we hope this letter encourages you to connect with us so we may have a chance to tell you more about ourselves as well as hear about your hopes and dreams for your child.

About Us

We believe that the most precious gift anyone can offer children is to be raised in a home full of love. We have been together for twelve years, and since the moment we met our life has been full of love. We’d only been dating a few months when Matthew told David he was going to marry him. Many years later, while at a friend’s wedding, Matthew officially popped the question. On our fifth anniversary, we were married in a park in San Francisco surrounded by friends and family.

Our everyday life together is simple but satisfying. We enjoy spending time with family and friends. We both belong to tight-knit, loving, and supportive families, with David’s family living nearby. We also have a diverse group of close friends locally whom we think of as family, many of whom are starting families of their own. We’ve spent much time traveling the world—we have traveled to over 25 countries together. We love learning about different cultures and people, and seeing different landscapes, and we are excited about being able to share these experiences with our children in the future. But most of all we enjoy spending time together at home with Gus. As a family we love to spend time in the kitchen. David likes cooking family favorites and Matthew loves to bake—especially his mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies—which Gus loves to eat! Dancing, playing, hanging out in our backyard, reading on the couch, laughing—these are all the little things that keep us happy and constantly in love with our life. We can’t wait to share the joy we have created as a family with your child. 

About Gus

At two and half years old, Gus is a very sweet, curious, and loving child. He spends most of his time playing with trucks and cars, working to fix things with his tools, hanging out with friends at the park, or exploring every inch of our backyard. Lately we’ve been talking a lot with him about bringing a new baby home. He is super excited to be a big brother. He is very sweet with his favorite doll and we overhear him saying “Don’t worry baby, I’m here, I’m here.” It is going to be a wonderful gift to witness our kids growing up together as they learn to support and take care of each other. 

Our Family

We are extremely lucky to both have loving and supportive families. David’s immediate family lives nearby, and visit often. He has three brothers all of whom are married with children and we have four nephews and two nieces. We visit our extended family in Hawai’i at least once a year.

Matthew’s family lives primarily in Chicago and Wisconsin, and we visit them several times a year and vice versa. Matthew’s brother has one young son, and his sister is just starting a family of her own. We enjoy sharing all the unique qualities that California, Hawai’i and Chicago have with our children.

In the Bay Area, our large group of friends make up our “extended family,” and we love spending time with them and their children. It’s great to watch Gus play and laugh with these friends that he will have for life. Both our friends and family are all extremely excited and supportive of our journey to adopt another child.

About Matthew…by David

Matthew was born in Chicago, and grew up in the same house his mother still lives in. His family is of German, Italian, Swedish and Croatian ancestry. He played basketball and tennis as a child, and also played the clarinet. Matthew attended college in Ohio and received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Later he moved west to California, and attended graduate school where he received a Master’s degree in Special Education. He has now been a teacher for twelve years at a local elementary school. Matthew believes the most important things he can teach are listening, sharing, being good friends, managing emotions, and planning for a bright future. Sharing happiness with others is Matthew’s gift as both a teacher and a parent.

Matthew loves travel, and has been to Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. He also is quite athletic and likes skiing, hiking, and swimming. When at home, Matthew loves working in the garden, growing things that I then turn into healthy, yummy meals for the family. Reading, watching a movie or listening to music are his favorite ways to end the day.

Matthew currently only works once a week, since he is primarily a stay-at-home Daddy. He spends a lot of time teaching Gus about the world we live in. These days, Matthew’s most important teaching occurs in the garden with Gus, naming insects, fruits and vegetables. It’s a joy watching Matthew guide our child in experiencing the world and to see the immense love he has for Gus.

About David…by Matthew

David was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent most of his childhood there. As a teenager, David lived in Hawai’i and graduated from high school on O’ahu. David’s father and family have lived in California for many decades. Their ancestry includes German, Swedish, English and Irish. David’s mother’s family has lived in Hawai’i for generations and are of predominantly Native Hawaiian ancestry, with some Portuguese and Chinese. David’s multi-ethnic background has given him pride and respect for the many diverse traditions his family holds, and he is passionate about exploring his heritage.

After high school David worked several jobs while attending community college part time, which allowed him to study in London for a semester, opening his eyes to travel. Later David attended university in San Francisco and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing. He has now been a Registered Nurse for eleven years in an Intensive Care unit. While working, David continued his education and received a Master’s degree in Nursing. In addition to his work at the hospital, he teaches once a week at a university nursing program. David enjoys cooking, music, yoga and dance, which he feels gives him a healthy balance of science in his career, and the arts at home.

David’s flexible schedule allows him to be home a lot with Gus. He is such a fun and loving father. Gus is always super excited when David comes home from work. Watching the two of them play together is heart warming.

Our Neighborhood

We own a three-bedroom home in Berkeley, California where we have lived for the past four years. Just on our block alone there are several other families with young kids. We are a short walk to the library, pool, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and shops. Gus loves to walk everywhere in the neighborhood. Berkeley has excellent, diverse public schools with kids from all kinds of backgrounds and families. Our kids will go to school with kids who have two dads, two moms, a mom and dad, a mom, a dad, or grandparents. People in our community tend not to judge what family looks like on the outside, and prefer to encourage the unique and special qualities in everyone.

Raising Children

Our world has grown more joyful and loving than we could ever have imagined since we adopted Gus, and we are excited to share that joy with another child. We won’t claim to be perfect parents, but we constantly try to improve and do our best. We feel our most important job is to provide a good foundation upon which a child can grow into a healthy, happy, kind, and generous person. We believe spending time and attention with our children is the best gift we can give them. We will always be there to encourage our children to be whatever they want to be. We wish for our children to be kind and loving people who helps others, and to be passionate about making our world a better place for everyone. But most of all, we plan to be there every moment of every day to show our children just how much they are loved. We can say without a doubt that we have so much endless love to give another child.

Thank You

Thank you so much for reading our letter. We hope that it may give you a small glimpse into the life your child would have with our family. We hope to have the opportunity to connect with you, so we can get to know a bit more about each other.


You can reach us toll free at 1-800-309-5316, or email us at davidandmatthewadoption@gmail.com. You can also contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius, Holly Wotherspoon, and Susan Romer, at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at info@adamsromer.com.