Sheri and Hugh

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello from Hugh and Sheri! We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are so grateful that you are considering us to be parents to your child. We hope by reading this letter that you’ll get a sense of our lives and our values, and we may have an opportunity to talk with you about your hopes and dreams for your child.

We are happily married and live a wonderful life surrounded by our loving family and friends. We have so much love to give a child and are excited for our dream of being parents to become real.


Sheri & Hugh


We have been in each other’s lives for over thirty years, although one of us doesn’t remember that (that would be Hugh)! Sheri met Hugh’s sister, Tara, in kindergarten, and the two of them have been best friends ever since. Hugh, being the older brother, didn’t show much interest in his sister’s friend until later. Fast forward to five years ago, when we went out for a group dinner—and we have been inseparable ever since. We both grew up in Pleasanton, CA (which is about 40 miles east of San Francisco) and live about ten minutes away from there now. Both of us are extremely close to our families and see them at least once a week. We are both dog lovers and have two of our own, Lola (9, half Maltese, half Yorkie) and Thor (a Husky rescue we think is 4). We enjoy taking them on walks or to the dog park near our house. Both of our dogs are very social and love people; they are great with our niece and nephews.

Being raised in an Italian family, Sheri loves cooking and enjoys making her family recipes. We love to entertain, so weekends are spent at home with family and friends over. One of our traditions is hosting Thanksgiving for both of our families. It is a very special holiday to Sheri as it was the one that she grew up helping her grandmother prepare for. Since our families live close to each other, we celebrate birthdays and holidays together as well. Sheri loves the San Francisco Giants baseball team, so we go to games throughout the season. Hugh is into Heavy Metal music, and we love going to concerts. We share a love of the ocean. We enjoy taking trips to Monterey, which is on the coast, and staying at our favorite place on the beach.


I grew up in Pleasanton with my parents and two brothers in a loving (and loud!) Italian family. My parents will be celebrating 46 years of marriage in October. They are hard workers–both worked fulltime jobs while I was growing up and my mom still had a home-cooked dinner on the table every night. They set a great example for us of what family means: Love, loyalty, respect and always looking out for each other. My younger brother and his wife have two children; I’m Godmother to their one-year-old son. I have wanted to be a mom since I was a child, so I’ll be eternally grateful to hear my child refer to me as “Mom.” I’ve been working in education for 16 years. I’m an Outreach Manager at a college; I help students find internships. I love taking Pilates classes, seeing friends, and playing with my niece and nephew. I have always loved to travel. When I was 17, I went to Sicily, Italy, on an exchange program by myself, not knowing the people I would be staying with, nor the language—it was one of the best experiences of my life. Since that time, I have been back to Sicily twice, and to London, Paris, Hawaii and Mexico.


Sheri is everything I was hoping for in a wife. She is a smart, educated, beautiful woman. She is very determined—when she sets her mind on something she will stop at almost nothing to accomplish it. Since I’ve known her she has had the dream of having children. I can picture her as the great mom that she will be.

Our niece and nephew’s eyes light up when they see Aunt Sheri. She’s attentive and playful, whether that be dancing with our niece or playing with toys with our nephew.


We own our own home in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a good-sized back yard with a covered patio, a grill, and lawn that has plenty of room for a swing set. Our second bedroom will be the nursery. It is a large room that will be filled with baby furniture and toys. It might be an ocean theme, given Hugh’s love of fishing. We live in a family-friendly neighborhood, where everyone gets along and looks out for each other. There’s a community pool, great schools and large parks within walking distance. It is a perfect place to raise a family.


I was born in Huntington Beach, in Southern California, but I grew up in Pleasanton. I have an older sister who is adopted and a younger sister (who is Sheri’s best friend). I had a very happy home life with two great parents. My mom and dad were happily married for 29 years, until my father’s passing in 2000. When my parents married, my mom became mom to 2-year-old Heather (whom my dad adopted with his first wife, who had passed away). We were raised that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible with hard work.

My sister Heather and her husband live in North Carolina with their eight children, (four biological and four adopted). My sister Tara lives with her husband and new baby near our home.

As a child, I liked to ride my bike, and I loved playing baseball. In high school, I took up guitar and played in a band. My dad took our family fishing, which is now a passion of mine. These days I love to take my dad’s boat out on our local lake and fish. I also build RC model airplanes and fly them. I’m usually in the garage fixing something. I became a commercial painter when I was 19 and it’s still my career; I’m a classified Foreman.

After marrying Sheri, I began seeing myself as a dad and thinking about the kind of things I would do with my child. I’m very excited for the opportunity—I know first-hand with my sister how great adoption can be.


I fell in love with Hugh fast, like, a week fast. I just knew that he was unlike any man I had met, and I could see a future so easily with him. He is quiet, strong and steady, and he helps to keep me grounded. Hugh will make an incredible dad! Our niece loves her Uncle Hugh. She is very into bubbles, and every time Hugh sees her he brings her the latest bubble contraption. He is so gentle, and knows the way to a kid’s heart.


We are excited for the opportunity to become parents through adoption. We both had great childhoods and have wonderful relationships with our parents and grandparents which enables us to know what a solid family foundation should look like. Throughout our journey to become parents we have felt such an outpouring of love and support from our family and friends, who are so excited for this next step in our lives.

Our parents always supported us, and encouraged us to be strong and confident, which is how we intend to raise our child. In our family, dreaming is encouraged, and we’ll teach our child that mistakes are how we learn. We recognize the importance of education, and hope to encourage our child to find their passion, wherever that may take him or her. We look forward to family vacations, and creating memories for our child as our parents did for us. Sheri is Catholic and Hugh is spiritual; our child will be raised to believe in God and have the opportunity when they are older to determine their religious path. We will love and guide our child to become the best person he or she can be.

Thank You

Thank you for reading our letter and learning a bit about us. We are so grateful for your consideration, and we hope you will reach out to us so we may be able to get to know each other a bit better. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to take this journey together.

Please feel free to reach us at 1.800.390.7133 or email us You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1.800.U.Adopt.US (1.800.823.6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at

– Sheri & Hugh