Travis and Cary

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi we are Travis + Cary Ellston from San Francisco, California. We are two very much in love life-adventurers ready for our next big life move. We are absolutely honored to become parents through open adoption and think you are brave in ways that all should admire. This experience will certainly be life changing for all of us. And, although we have no idea what fantastic journey lies ahead, we do know that we’re committed to providing a loving, supportive, fun and safe environment for our children in the most loving ways possible.

With much love,


OUR STORY: Opposites Attract

Cary is a planner by nature who people describe as “poised” and “put together,” which is funny because she’s such a laid back, and independent spirit. Travis is a homebody artist who wears t-shirts to everything and has a passion for pushing our goals forward. Cary loves travel, food and being outdoors.

Travis loves music—especially hip hop—and is a vegetarian. We’re different upon first glance, but our strengths and passions complement each other. They make us a solid couple who love to have fun and experience new things together. We met over five years ago at work—Cary plans events and Travis is an event videographer— and fell in love immediately. We married in 2014 on a small farm in Southern Oregon (Cary planned the wedding, Travis picked the music). We’ve traveled the globe and shared so many wonderful experiences together that have helped us build our strong partnership. We recognize that true value in life comes from being around good people and doing the things that we love.


We both work hard and love what we do, but family, friends and quality time together is what’s most important to us. We recognize that true value in life comes from being around good people and doing the things that we love. Cary has a deep passion for travel and food and, when she’s not being a successful event director, she’s in the kitchen cooking a feast for us all. Along with starting a video production company, Travis is a committed artist … to say that he is obsessed with hip hop music would be an understatement! He spends his free time making music and videos. And, whether it’s country, classical, alternative, hip hop or jazz, music is ALWAYS on in our home!

We look forward to sharing our passions and teaching life lessons to our children. And, because we both have flexibility with our jobs to work from home and take freelance work when we choose, one or both of us will be there for our children, always.


We live in a beautiful, quiet and safe neighborhood called Noe Valley with our playful and affectionate cat, Walter. Our neighborhood is family-friendly, with many parks and our best friends with children nearby. There’s so much to explore in the Bay Area and we’re so excited to share our love for our city with a little one. And with access to one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world, we can picture ourselves on weekend outings to the beach, hikes in the North Bay, cultural visits to some of the best museums in the world and picnics in Golden Gate Park with friends and family.

Our ultimate goal is to avoid the corporate schedule so we can always be around for the kids. So, we’re making plans, over the next few years, to build our permanent home on a piece of land just north of San Francisco. From home offices there, Cary will launch and manage her very own event business and Travis will manage his video production company. Sonoma Valley is a rural wonderland and beautiful place to raise children, and just a quick drive from the city where we can access cultural and urban experiences. We both went to public schools so we like the idea that our kids will, too. As school time grows nearer we will pick the best option for them as we know this is an important decision that should be tailored to each child.


Visiting our Nieces

Visiting our Nieces

Travis grew up in Portland, Oregon, and his family are mostly all in that area. He is very close with his parents (step parents, too!) and siblings, grandparents, cousins etc. He has a very large, very mixed family who are all excited about the new soon-to-be addition to the family. Born in Virginia, and teenage years in Pensacola, Florida, Cary is definitely a southern girl at heart. She was raised in a military family and as a child traveled the globe living in Hawaii, Japan, Rhode Island and Florida on navy bases. Some of her family (mom, sister and nephew) still live in the south while her dad, stepmom and brothers live just a few hours away in Ashland, Oregon. We love to visit their farm to spend time with family. including our nieces Lily, four, and Emma, almost two. We have many close friends here in San Francisco, Portland and all over the world. They are all very important to us … spending time with good people is our #1 priority.


We promise to treat you with love, respect and integrity.

We promise to always do what’s best for our child.

We promise to create a fun, loving, supportive and safe environment where our child can grow up to be all that he or she is meant to be.

We promise to become a family that loves, supports and encourages each other always.

Thank you so much for considering
us. We couldn’t be more excited and grateful to have this opportunity to start a family.


We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to call us at 888-402-2718 or text 415-604-1110. Our email is You can also contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (800-823-6788), or email them at You can also visit their website at

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