Brett & Jenn

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello from San Francisco! We would like to begin by thanking you for considering us as parents for your child. We’ve always known we wanted to share life’s best moments with a child, and we couldn’t be more excited to become first time parents through adoption. We invite you to learn a bit about our lives through this letter. We hope to have an opportunity to learn about your hopes for your child and to understand what kind of connection you would like to have with your child in the future.

Our Story

We met six years ago through one of the marvels of the 21st Century, via an online dating site! It was truly love at first sight, and we’ve been growing as a couple ever since. We found out on our first date that we both volunteered for the same medical mission in Ecuador, which had changed both of our life perspectives. We also learned that we have similar backgrounds. We both grew up in small towns, mainly playing outside and being close to our family. This upbringing gave us our love for the outdoors, but also sparked our interest in travelling as a way to see other parts of the world.

We’ve been married for several years, and live in beautiful San Francisco. On any given day you may find us jogging along the ocean, hiking the tree lined trails along the coastal mountains, or enjoying the many neighborhoods and activities of the city. We also love driving to our favorite beach in Half Moon Bay (just south of San Francisco) to do whale watching in the winter months.  However, some of our favorite moments together are spent relaxing in our home, cooking dinner and watching a good movie. Regardless of what we are doing, we are always enjoying each other and laughing together.

We love to travel. From Jenn’s cousin’s Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica to an elephant refuge in Thailand, we have explored many parts of the world together. Still, some of our favorite vacations have been right here in California: exploring beautiful Lake Tahoe, the amazing granite of Yosemite Valley, the redwood forests of Big Sur, and the fishing towns of the Mendocino coast. We also go to Michigan regularly to see Brett’s family. We are excited to share our favorite places and activities with our child to help spark his or her own interest in exploration and learning about the world. We look forward to many family trips and creating many lasting memories together.

About Jenn, by Brett

Jenn’s positive attitude toward even the toughest of situations is just one of her many strengths. She finds the good in everyone and is the most caring person I know. She’s incredibly smart and sometimes I feel she knows me better than I know myself. I love how devoted she is to her friends and family, and she regularly stays in touch with those she loves both near and far.

Jenn comes from a close family, and grew up in a small California town as the youngest of three sisters. They share fond memories of their childhood years, like creating plays to present to their parents and learning to bake cookies with their grandma. Jenn’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty. She often exchanged her princess costume dress for a tackle vest to go fishing with her dad in the nearby creeks and rivers.

Jenn is passionate about her career in nursing as a wound care specialist. She especially loves helping children and their families cope with illness, and has spent several summers volunteering at a camp for kids with chronic medical conditions. It’s this incredible nurturing spirit that I know will make Jenn an amazing mother. I can already see it when she is reading a dinosaur story, jumping on the trampoline, playing board games, or baking treats with her nephews.

About Brett, by Jenn

One of the first things that made me fall in love with Brett is his compassion for helping others. Whether it’s with his patients as a Family Medicine doctor, volunteering at a local homeless clinic, or with our friends and family, he has an open heart to everyone. He is a great listener, always makes people feel comfortable, and loves unconditionally. He is my best friend and the love of my life.

Brett was raised in a small farm town in Michigan. He and his sister grew up making forts in the forest behind their house, swimming in their backyard pond, and playing with their cousins during the winter snowfall. Brett spent his summers helping his dad in the family garden and raising pigs for 4-H. In school, he played the drums in the marching band, but always focused on his studies, graduating Valedictorian his senior year.

Seeing Brett with the children in our lives only confirms my belief that he’s going to be the most wonderful, loving father. Our nephews and friends’ kids adore him—whether they’re jumping on his shoulders to play chicken in the pool, or he’s helping them build space ships out of Legos—it is easy to see the inner kid come out.  He is always a great teacher and has a lot of patience with children.

Our Family & Friends

Both of our parents were high school sweethearts that grew up and raised their children in small towns. Between us we have nine (yes nine!) nephews who all get along like brothers. They can’t wait to play with their youngest cousin to be. In addition to us visiting Brett’s family a couple of times a year in Michigan, his parents plan on regular trips to California to help out and to adore our child when the time comes. Jenn’s family lives within driving distance, which means we will have frequent visits from them and also trips to visit her hometown of Chico, about a three hours drive from San Francisco. When there, we always get a warm welcome from our fur brother, Luke (Jenn’s mom’s Labradoodle).

Our families are over the moon that we are going to have a new addition to our family. We look forward to sharing our own traditions together, including our annual polar bear plunge on New Year’s Day and annual friend’s half marathon (stroller friendly!) along the San Francisco Bay.

Our San Francisco friends make up our extended family, and we love being honorary ‘Aunt and Uncle’ to their kids. We often have our friends over for dinner and weekend BBQ’s. The kids love kicking the ball in the backyard, playing hide and seek in the house, and walking to the nearby park to swing or play on the jungle gym. When we get everyone together it is always chaotic and fun, just the way we grew up.

Where We Live

We live in a safe, quiet neighborhood in San Francisco with many young families as neighbors. We have a three bedroom home with plenty of space to grow our new family.  Our house is next to an excellent public elementary school and a park, and a short walk to one of the greatest look-out points in the city. We join our neighbors in decorating our house for Halloween and Christmas. The backyard is perfect for BBQs, roasting S’mores over the fire pit, and playing yard games. We’ve even been trying our skills at gardening and look forward to teaching our child about patience by watching a seed grow into food. We can’t wait to share with our child all that San Francisco has to offer as a home: educational museums, cultural events, colorful street fairs and diverse restaurants, as well as beautiful parklands, the Zoo, and of course, the ocean.

What We Value

We are excited to become a family through adoption and to be able to share all of life’s milestones together—from first words and first steps, to many future birthdays. We especially look forward to celebrating holidays and creating our own, unique, family traditions.  We want to pass on the values we learned from our parents and teach our child to love unconditionally and to see the good in everyone. We hope to instill in our child our love for travel and the importance of seeing the world from new perspectives. We value education and realize that learning not only comes from the classroom but from real world experiences. We promise you that we will support your child in finding his or her own passions in life. But most importantly we promise to laugh often and loudly, together.

 Thank You

Thank you so much for taking time to read our profile. We would love the opportunity to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have for us.

We can be reached toll free at 1-800-264-0125 or by email at jennandbrett You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at