Jason & Ani

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hi! We are Jason and Ani from the San Francisco Bay Area and we thank you for the chance to introduce ourselves to you. We are excited to have the opportunity to build our family through adoption, and we have great gratitude and respect for the choice you are making. We hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are and the wonderful life we are prepared to provide your child. We look forward to being able to answer any questions you may have and discuss your hopes and dreams for your child.

Our Love & Life Together

We met in 2003 while we were both living in Los Angeles. Ani was in graduate school there and Jason was a sales representative for an international record label. We really clicked together and loved spending time together—going to concerts, eating at our favorite restaurants, and hanging out with our friends. We have been best friends from the beginning of our relationship, and that is something we treasure. We make each other better and stronger, and together we are ready for any new challenge.

We have been married for five years, and have a wonderful, loving dog named Trixie. We know that she will be a great companion to our child. Our leisure life together involves quiet days at home and activities that take us outside and around our community. Jason loves to cook and is magically able to pull together great meals from whatever is in the refrigerator. Ani loves to read and decorates the house for whatever holiday is around the corner. We both love to watch movies and Jason introduced Ani to video games. We plan to introduce our child to favorite children’s books like Ferdinand and Winnie the Pooh, play games, and watch movies with popcorn and plenty of snuggles on the couch.

On the weekends, we enjoy going out to sing Karaoke with friends, taking Trixie for walks in the park, attending concerts (anything classic rock or 80s bands!) or visiting one of the small towns in our area to enjoy the sights, the outdoors, and a good meal. Jason plays on a softball team and we make regular trips to the ballpark for games and hot dogs. Ani has loved opera since her grandmother took her when she was 12 and she tries to go at least once a season. We are excited to share the different activities we are passionate about with our child.

We love to travel. We have traveled together all over California as well as Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, and New York, and we went to Hawaii for our wedding anniversary. Both of us have been to Europe and we would love to return one day as a family to share the rich history, art, food, and culture.

About Jason, by Ani

The first thing that I fell in love with about Jason was his caring and kind nature. He is loving, genuine and loyal, and he always makes sure that our life is full of laughter and fun. I can count on him to be supportive of me in everything I do and with him by my side, I know we can accomplish anything we set out to do.

Jason grew up in New York City in a very loving family. He has two younger brothers who idolize him. His grandparents played a significant role in his life. When Jason proposed marriage, he gave me his grandmother’s engagement ring. He told me that his grandparents had the best marriage he had ever seen and that he hoped ours would be the same. His grandfather even taught him ballroom dancing! Jason went to college in upstate New York, where he got his degree in political science. He is really good working with people, which is perfect for his job as a Senior Sales Representative for a media company.

Jason has a large group of friends. He is an amazing listener and is always willing to lend a hand to those who need help. He is kind and generous with his time and always thinking about others. One of the things that drew me to Jason was his musical talent. He has a wonderful voice, and loves to sing and play guitar, which he looks forward to sharing with our child. I know that he will make an amazing father—he is so adorable playing with our nieces and nephews as well as our friends’ children. And he always makes family his first priority.

About Ani, by Jason

Ani is a kind and gentle person. It’s what initially drew me to her. When she smiles, it lights up a room. She is always in my corner as a support system, and I know that she will always have my back in everything that I do. We make an amazing team—she is the Yin to my Yang, and we perfectly complement each other. She is naturally very honest, while also being a “no nonsense” person, which I know will make her a great mother.

Ani grew up in Napa (a grape-growing, agricultural area north of San Francisco) with two younger brothers. She very much loved being the older sister and helping her mom take care of her siblings. She got her BA in English and Psychology from Stanford, and a PhD in Education from UCLA after that. She is now a professor at a small college about twenty minutes from our home. She is passionate about teaching and loves learning.

She has so much love to give and is a true nurturer. Growing up in a house where she was the older sister, Ani has had a lot of experience with children. She adores her nieces and nephews and showers them with love every chance she gets. I can see in her relationships with them how she will combine strength with loving kindness. Any child would be lucky to call Ani their Mom.

Our Family & Friends

Family and friends are a very important part of our lives, and they form a very supportive group around us who are excited about having a new member of our big extended family. We gather regularly and love to have a house full for the holidays or any occasion.

Ani’s family lives nearby and we see them regularly. Her two brothers each have two children so our child will grow up very close to cousins. Ani’s parents have been married for over 40 years and love spending time with their grandchildren. We know they are just waiting for babysitting duty!

Jason’s family lives in New York and we see them several times a year. Jason’s dad is responsible for Jason’s love of sports. They love to watch football, boxing, baseball, and are true New York fans. Jason’s uncle Arty is a firefighter who was a first responder during 9/11. Jason is godfather to his cousin AJ, and his cousin Stephanie has three young children whom we also visit on our trips to New York. Jason’s godfather Stephen and his wife Elizabeth live in Los Angeles and we visit them often. We are excited for our child to be included in these wonderful family gatherings.

Our Home

We bought our home in a family-friendly suburb in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013. When Ani walked into the house, she knew it was meant to be our home. It is a bright, sunshiny yellow and we have a bedroom ready that is perfect for a new baby. Our house also has a great backyard with plenty of space for a child to play, and a patio for BBQs in the summer. We live in a great neighborhood and our daily walks with our dog Trixie have given us the chance to meet all our neighbors. We have even had offers for babysitting from some of the older kids down our street! We are very close to lots of family activities, including parks, fairs, festivals, and many hiking trails. We love where we live and have a great community of people right in our backyard. In terms of schools, we have a choice to place our child in a local bilingual school where other neighborhood children attend.

Our Values

We both value kindness and sincerity and being of help to others. We have surrounded ourselves with people we care about and work in fields that we are both passionate about and also make sure we find a balance between our work and personal lives. Education and involvement in sports and the arts are important values in our lives, so we wish to provide our child with every opportunity to explore these interests or others that he or she may desire. As parents, we will share our zest for life and caring for others with our child. We also want to ensure that our child has the self-confidence and support to grow and become whatever he/she chooses to be and do.

Thank You

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We hope we will have the opportunity to speak with you. We can be reached toll free at 1-877-778-3836 or by email at aniandjasonr@gmail.com. You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt- US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at info@adamsromer.com. You can also visit their website at www.adamsromer.com.