Brian and Yvonne

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello, we are Brian and Yvonne, from Denver, Colorado, and we want to thank you for reading our letter. We imagine how difficult this decision is for you, and we greatly respect your courage in making it. We hope this letter communicates a bit about our family, our life and the love we will offer to a new baby. We look forward to the chance to get to know more about you, and answer any questions you may have about us.

Our Life Together

We met five years ago at work. Once we met, we became inseparable. We formed a deep connection based on our common experiences, interests, and beliefs, and have continued to grow closer through communication and understanding. We
believe that this strong foundation of our relationship will be key to giving our child a stable and loving home.

We live an active and balanced life. Our family includes Brian’s daughters, Josie, 15 and Lanie, 12, as well as our dog, Rocky. Our leisure time is often spent in the great outdoors that Colorado offers: camping and hiking in the summer, snow shoeing and skiing in the winter. We also love to meet up with friends to eat out, listen to live jazz and cheer on our favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. At home we love to share healthy and delicious meals together.

Traveling and seeing different cultures is very important in our family. Yvonne has been to six of the seven continents, and Brian lived in Columbia and Ecuador. We have visited several places in Europe and Asia together. This summer, Josie traveled to Turkey and Lanie to Iceland as part of a peace organization that provides educational experiences for children through international camps and family exchanges. We also visit Hawaii as a family every January to see the whales, snorkel, zip-line and swim in the ocean.

Although our families don’t live nearby, we still keep in close contact with them. Yvonne’s family is in Singapore, and we visit two to three times a year. One of our favorite annual trips is to visit Brian’s sister’s lake cottage just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where we swim in the lake and hang out by the campfire every day.

About Yvonne…by Brian

Yvonne lights up my life with her enthusiasm, her playfulness, as well as her beauty inside and out. She has a sharp and curious mind, and a great desire to learn and explore new things. She’s loves to read; she can always be found with a book or magazine before bed. Yvonne grew up in Singapore and came to the U.S. at 18 to

study for her music degree. While she now works in sales for a tech company, she continues to play the piano for pleasure. She has taught piano to little kids and is excited to pass on her love of music to our child. Yvonne also grew up dancing, and now loves salsa and other Latin dances. One of her favorite things to do with her mom when back in Singapore is to go out dancing with her. She also finds time for Zumba classes every week. Besides her interests in the arts, Yvonne loves outdoor activities—from camping and hiking to rock climbing and canyoneering.

Yvonne is a loving and supportive mom to my daughters, Josie and Lanie. She has become an important person in their lives, and they really enjoy spending time with her. She’s extremely flexible and patient with them and with me.

About Brian…by Yvonne

Brian is a very loving, sensitive and supportive man. He dedicates himself to his career and daughters, Lanie and Josie, and at the same time is an amazing partner to me. It is this boundless energy and positive attitude of his that I fell in love with. Brian is a dedicated father; he has always been an active parent and currently takes the girls to a ski program every weekend. He is always reading new parenting books to try and be an even better dad.

Brian’s first love has always been helping others. After college, Brian worked as a volunteer in Colombia and Ecuador in an orphanage, a prenatal care program, a homeless shelter for women and an education program for boys who lived on the street. When he returned to the US, he worked with students to help them prepare them for their high school equivalency diploma in the inner city of Chicago. He then taught kindergarten and the 2nd grade in a bilingual classroom in Los Angeles. After this, he earned his masters degree in New York and worked in finance before settling into telecommunications and technology. His dream is to go back to teaching after he “retires.”

Brian is a dedicated runner and has completed many marathons. He was also captain of his soccer team in college. Staying fit and healthy is very important to him and he still goes out running with his running club every day.

About Brian’s Daughters Josie & Lanie

Josie is almost 15 and started high school this fall. She is a hardworking student who is especially good at math. She is also a very good big sister, and has started babysitting other younger children. She also just started driver’s ed and is excited to hang out more with her friends!

Lanie is almost 12 and just started middle school. She loves art, soccer and gymnastics. She is funny, energetic, and has a huge heart. We think our new baby will have the best of both worlds—to get plenty of attention as the youngest child and also have big sisters to be protected by and to play with.

Our Home & Community

We live in a lively neighborhood of Denver called LoHi. It has a mix of families and singles of different ages and ethnic backgrounds, and we walk to everything—coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and parks. Near our home there are many excellent day care/pre-schools. We are also close to Sloan’s Lake Park, the second largest park in Denver with hiking trails, fishing and boating; the annual Dragon Boat Festival that celebrates Asian American culture is a particularly fun event that we attend. We also live five minutes from the aquarium and children’s museum.

Our home is light and open—our family can see downtown Denver, as well as the Rocky Mountains. It is a great home for gathering to chat, cook, play ping pong and watch movies together. Each of the girls has her own room—we can’t wait to decorate the room for our new child.

The other important member of our home and family is Rocky, who is an 8-year-old beagle. He is the sweetest and most mellow dog we know. When there are tears in the family, Rocky is always the first to offer comfort with his licks.

We have a cozy cabin in the mountain ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado that we visit several times every year. We see wonderful views of mountains, woods and stars, right from the deck. We have seen mountain goats on our hikes, and moose walking down the middle of the street!

As Parents

From the time we met, we’ve known that we wanted to have a baby together. Yvonne’s uncles on both sides of her family were adopted, so she was raised understanding how strong families can be with adoption as part of their story. We are eager to share our lives with a little one—to read to our child, teach our child piano, speak to him or her in Mandarin and Spanish, go skiing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, taste foods from all around the world, and swim in the lake and ocean.

One of our favorite activities as a family happens at the dinner table. We make it a point to share about our day with each other while we eat. This has become a tradition that the girls enjoy very much, as there is so much laughter and learning that happens through such a simple thing.

We grew up in families that value education. Yvonne’s parents were both teachers, Brian has a teaching background and Brian’s sister was a school principal and still works in education. We believe in giving our child a well-rounded education, not just from the classroom but also from different experiences—in the outdoors, with family and friends and while traveling.

Thank You

Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter. We hope we have provided you with a sense of our lives and the kind of family we can offer your child. We hope we will have the chance learn more about your own dreams for your child. We can be reached toll free at 1-888-838-9056 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800- 823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at