Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and for considering me in this very important decision. I can’t pretend to imagine what you are going through, but you have my admiration. I hope this letter will give you a sense of who I am and how I live my life.

I am really excited to become a parent through adoption. I love children and have always surrounded myself with them, from my early years caring for my youngest sister (who is thirteen years my junior), to my work as a day care aid, special education instructional aid, and nanny, to being a bi-lingual kindergarten and first grade teacher. I have imagined myself as a mother for as long as I can remember. I am ready to love and care for a child and to help him or her grow, laugh, learn and love.

About Me

I grew up north of San Francisco (just over the Golden Gate Bridge), and now live in San Francisco. I come from a large family of six kids, and spent most of my time with the two siblings closest to my age. Our mother passed away when we were very young, so along with my dad, my grandma played a large part in our lives. She took us to the local swimming pools, amusement parks and playgrounds and generally made sure that we were loved and cared for. Our family hiked a lot on the weekends and took yearly trips to Yosemite National Park. One of my favorite memories was rolling down the car windows to catch the scent of the Redwood trees to signal the approach of our destination. Yosemite is still one of my family’s favorite vacation spots.

I have an adventurous spirit and love to travel. My dad wanted us to know the world and so he took us on several trips to Europe as well as Japan and Israel. These experiences contributed to my great love of travel and my curiosity of and interest in people and other cultures. I moved to Costa Rica to learn Spanish so that I could become a bi-lingual Spanish/English elementary school teacher. While in Costa Rica I lived with a Costan Rican family and taught Kindergarten there in an English immersion school.

I live an active lifestyle and really love to be outside in nature. I go trail running, mountain biking and hiking in the mountains north of San Francisco. I also enjoy hikes in the city exploring new neighborhoods. During the summer, I go camping with friends. I enjoy cooking and eating simple, delicious food. That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally love to eat a pizza or have a box of red vine licorice or Jujyfruits at the movie theater though! The variety of travel and the strong emphasis on health in my home contributed to who I am today. I am grateful to these influences that helped shape my life, and look forward to sharing them with my child.

My Work

I have worked with children in varying roles for several years. I was an aide in an infant center, a nanny for two young children, a special education instructional aide and a bilingual Spanish-English kindergarten/first grade teacher. After more than ten years working with children I switched gears and became a Web Developer at a Tech company. While I enjoyed learning new things, I missed working with people directly. My love of teaching and healthy lifestyles has since led me to become a fitness instructor.

I currently work as an outdoor fitness trainer and love what I do. My job lets me support others to reach their fitness goals and allows me to be creative, taking people on fitness adventures to different scenic spots. To further fuel my creativity, I also wrote a fitness book. My previous career provided me with the financial stability to work part-time. I train people in the morning so the rest of the day I can spend with my child doing fun things such as baking, going on outings to the park, having play dates, encouraging their creativity, etc.

My Family & Friends

My dad lives nearby in the same house that I grew up in. We enjoy getting together for dinner once a week and we talk daily on the phone. I take every chance I can to visit with my large family of siblings, nieces and nephews. Three of my siblings live in Oregon and the other two live in California. We all meet in one spot for Christmas and generally my siblings all come out to my dad’s during the summer. I also visit them during some point every year. They are all very excited to welcome a new little one into the family, and will be great aunties and uncles, not to mention cousins.

I am fortunate to still regularly see many friends whom I have known since kindergarten and elementary school. My friends both old and new gather together for barbeques, parties, Halloween events and an annual camping trip. We have many children at these events, and the kids all run around together and play while the adults hang out, socialize and collectively supervise the kids. I am excited to bring my child into this warm and welcoming group of friends and family.

What My Family Has to Say…

‘Hooray for Aunt Tracy!’

“Of our six siblings, Tracy was the one we all knew was meant to be a mom. As a teen working in a daycare center, she clearly had an understanding of the needs of children. As a first grade teacher, she brought out the uniqueness in every student and nurtured their emotional well-being. When my children learn that Aunt Tracy is coming over, they jump up and down, shouting “hooray!” A child raised by Tracy will undoubtedly thrive in an environment of loving support and devotion.”

– My sister, Kelly

Why I think Tracy would be a GREAT Mom

“Aunt Tracy has been a huge part of my life since I was born. Whether she’s taking you on a boat ride, or giving you a hug, she makes you feel safe and loved. She puts herself before you, and makes sure you are strong and healthy. She is respectful, safe, kind, loving, and all those good things, she is sure to give your kid a happy, healthy life.”

– My 10-year-old niece, Anna

My Home & Neighborhood

I live in San Francisco, in a great small, residential neighborhood. The area consists mainly of mom-and-pop type shops, which gives it an old town feel. There is even an old style soda fountain that’s a popular spot with the kiddos on hot days. I am looking forward to cozying up to the counter with my child to get ice cream.

My neighborhood is made up mostly of families and young professionals, and there are plenty of strollers and young children cruising up and down the streets. I am within walking distance of Golden Gate Park, which has a great aquarium/science museum, a large children’s park, and biking and roller-skating areas. I visit it often with my friends and their children and have dreamed of the day that my child and I would be swinging together in a swing or sliding down the slide. There is a great pre-school and elementary school just down the street.


I have always dreamed of sharing my life with a child and feel that I have the emotional and financial resources to raise a happy, healthy child. I also have a great network of friends and family who are eager to help me. One of my friends lives next door and another right across the street, so I will not be lacking in support!

I am fortunate that I have parents who are great role models, and will strive to be the same for my child. I look forward to helping my child learn and grow through fun, hands-on activities such as cooking together, doing arts and crafts projects, taking trips and exploring nature. I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with my child—carving pumpkins, having an Easter egg hunt, and decorating a Christmas tree. I feel very lucky to work part-time, so I can be involved in my child’s day-to-day activities. For the few hours in the morning when I am working, I will have a trusted caregiver for my child. I am truly excited to become a parent and I am committed to raising a self-confident, happy child who feels loved and cherished.

Thank You

I realize that you have a difficult decision to make and I thank you for considering me. I can promise that your baby will be cherished and surrounded by plenty of laughter, friends, family and love. I would welcome hearing your ideas on what level of communication works best for you. I am open to any questions that you may have, and hope to get to know you better too. Feel free to contact me toll free at 1- 877-801-2684 or email me at You can also reach my warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800- U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at