Patrick and Jen


We are Patrick, Jen, and Logan from San Jose, California. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. We respect and admire you for considering adoption. Adoption is a treasured part of our family, as Jen’s cousin was adopted as an infant. We would love to get to know you and learn about your dreams for the future, so please call, text, or email anytime!

pj-at-football-gameAbout Us

We met through a mutual friend and began dating during our junior year of high school. Jen was thrilled to have found a guy who was taller than her, while Patrick was excited to have found someone who would laugh at his jokes. Our first date was at Taco Bell, and we’ve been together ever since! Nine years later we were married, and we have been together for over 18 years now. We take pride in our relationship, which is built on friendship, laughter and trust.

In 2011 we had our son, Logan. It has been so much fun watching him grow and discover the world, and we hoped for a younger sibling. When we learned we could not have another child biologically, we turned to adoption. We are so excited to complete our family with another child.

daddy-is-showing-logan-everything-he-knows-about-fishingAbout Patrick by Jen

Patrick is a hardworking, passionate, and loving person who gives 100% to whatever he is doing. He takes great pride in being a father and a husband. I knew early on in our relationship that Patrick would be a caring and loving father but he exceeded all of my expectations when Logan was born. He has been there every step of the way, including night feedings and diaper changes. Now that Logan is older, Patrick and Logan enjoy driving the remote control cars & helicopters together, riding bikes, playing chase in the house, and wrestling whenever they can. I love seeing the excitement in Logan’s face and the running hug when Daddy gets home from work each day!

About Jen by Patrick

Jen is a patient, compassionate, and loving individual who extends all of these qualities to being a mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Family and friends often come to her for advice on the challenges of life/work and without question Jen will take the time to listen. When it comes to our immediate family, I cannot say enough about how supportive she is in all aspects of my life and how she dedicates herself to ensuring Logan experiences all that the Bay Area offers in terms of community, culture, and outdoor activities such as trips to Santa Cruz beaches, local zoos, and the libraries.

some-of-our-best-memories-are-made-at-the-deltaInterests and Hobbies

One of our favorite things to do together is travel. Some of our favorite travel destinations are Hawaii, Bahamas, London, and Mexico. Since Logan was born, we have vacationed each summer as a family to Lake Tahoe and it has been amazing! We have also taken Logan to Hawaii twice and enjoyed seeing the islands through his eyes. Patrick loves being outdoors, whether it is running, mountain biking, or paddleboarding. He loves hearing Logan laugh as he pushes him in the jogging stroller, and we have enjoyed family bike rides together with Logan on the back of Patrick’s bike. Patrick has completed a series of Adventure Races and Mud Runs and looks forward to having his family watch him run across the finish line. Jen loves to bake and can’t wait to make cookies with her children, just like she did with her grandmother when she was younger. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies and has been exploring new muffin recipes.

How We Pay the Bills

Patrick earned his Mechanical Engineering degree and ahs worked for the same company since graduated college in 2005. He currently manages a warehouse as well as field teams that help train soldiers before they deploy. Patrick takes great pride in his job and loves his flexible schedule. He is proud that his role has directly improved the readiness of our country’s soldiers.

Jen is a high school math teacher and absolutely loves her job, which gives her summers and school breaks off to be with the children. She loves working with high school students and has build close relationships with many of her students. She takes pride in mentoring them through these exciting yet challenging years. This year Jen was elected Chair of the Math Department and she’s excited to take on this leadership role.

On weekdays, Patrick spends the morning with Logan before dropping him off at preschool. He treasures this time and looks forward to sharing this special time with another child. As a teacher, Jen is available for the children. They will both be able to take extended time off of work when a new baby arrives.

our-first-family-camping-tripIntroducing Logan

Logan is a fun, energetic, and loving 5-year-old. He loves babies and gets excited when we talk about having another baby in our house. He loves going to the park and playing in the front yard at home. He rides his bikes up and down the driveway and looks forward to pushing his new sibling around in his red and yellow car. Logan loves music and we have regular dance parties in our house. He can’t wait to show off his moves to his younger sibling, and he is ready to be a big brother.

Our Family

We are fortunate to have all of our extended family close to our home. Both sets of grandparents took turns watching Logan on some weekdays before he started preschool. They cherished this time with him and truly enjoyed watching him grow. They can’t wait to do the same with their next grandchild.

Patrick’s sister, Jessica, loves being an auntie and can’t wait to take her new niece or nephew to Disneyland! Jen is very close with her sister, Katrina, and they talk daily. Katrina’s son, Parker, is 8 and loves being a big cousin to Logan. They like to ride bikes and build Legos together and Parker can’t wait to do the same with his new cousin.

Both of our families are beyond excited to welcome another child into the family. We have family dinners with each side of our families at least once a month. At these dinners you will find the cousins riding bikes in the backyard, playing with nerf guns, and building blanket forts.

Our Home and Community

Our home in San Jose, California, is located on a quiet street filled with friendly neighbors. We spend many days playing with bikes and cars in the front yard or taking walks to the park nearby. We share our home with our family dog, Cassie, who has become best friends with Logan. We frequently go to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and can’t wait to see the look on our child’s face when he or she pets the goats for the first time or gets to go “wheeee” on the car ride. Jen and Logan go to library story times often and Logan is looking forward to sharing his favorite baby book, Steam Train Dream Train, with his younger sibling. Our home is located within a fantastic school district and our children will also have the option of attending school in Jen’s work district which is ranked in the top 25 school districts in California.

Jen’s family has a vacation home on the Sacramento Delta, about an hour away from San Jose. We have spent a lot of time there as a couple and now as a family. Patrick likes to wakeboard and Jen likes to swim. Logan loves to go tubing and kneeboarding. He can’t get enough of the water and is constantly telling us to go faster. We look forward to teaching both of our children how to waterski and be a part of a fun and active community.

celebrating-our-9th-wedding-anniversaryOur Commitment to You

Our promise to our children is a loving and supportive family environment. We will make sure they feel respected, safe, and encouraged as they follow their dreams and explore the world around them. We are excited that you have read our letter and we’d be delighted to speak with you to answer any questions you many have and to hear your hopes and dreams for your child. We can be reached toll free at (888) 203-0707, by text at (408) 641-0955, or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon by calling 1-800-U-Adopt-Us (1-800-823-6788) or email to You can also visit their website at