Anu & Akash

Dear Birth Mother,

As parents ourselves, we are humbled by your courage and strength in choosing adoption for your child. We want this letter to give you a sense of our family and our values, and we hope to have a chance to speak with you and tell you more about us.

Regardless of your choice, we wish you all of the best on your journey and in choosing an adoptive family that you feel is right for your child.

1-About Us

About Us

We met in college at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Both our parents are from India, and we were both born in the U.S., so we connected through the South Asian student groups and activities. While we were just acquaintances in college, we were brought together seven years later at Akash’s cousin’s birthday party in Los Angeles. We’ve been inseparable ever since and just celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary. We live fulfilling lives and support each other’s passions and interests—and laugh a lot! We are committed to our community of friends and family and often have a house full of visitors and guests.

We are both outgoing people who love trying new things. We are always up for an adventure, and our 6-year-old son, Jayan, shares the same spirit. We love to explore different places and we travel extensively. Jayan has traveled with us around the U.S. and the world, including to India, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

As a family we enjoy exploring the San Francisco kids’ scene (including finding parks with kid-sized basketball courts for Jayan to practice his jump shot), attending theater shows, making dinner at home to share with friends (we love to entertain!), reading together, playing in the backyard, and savoring every opportunity to learn and expand our horizons. 

3-About AkashAbout Akash, by Anu

Akash grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is one of three children so he was raised in a full and fun household. As a child, he enjoyed playing sports and riding his bike with his friends. To this day, Akash maintains those bonds with his childhood friends. His mom is a doctor by training and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. His dad is a successful entrepreneur. Akash has an older sister who lives in Washington DC. She has a toddler. His brother lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. Akash has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in computer science and is an executive at a technology company. He’s a foodie and loves trying out new flavors and cuisines. He plays sports including basketball, skiing, running, and likes to relax by reading, especially literature and science fiction.

Akash is a positive, fun-loving person with an easy laugh and great sense of humor. He can imitate almost anyone! He is a great dad and our son adores him. He is patient and fun and loves to play make-believe games and sports with Jayan. Even after a long day at work he’s always ready to play soccer with Jayan. He gets up early to get Jayan ready for school and makes sure to read to him every night. He is a positive role model to Jayan (and Anu) with his wit, charm and ability to take any problem and turn it into an opportunity to grow and learn.

2-About AnuAbout Anu, by Akash

Anu grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles with her parents and older brother. Her family experience growing up was loving and generous. Both her parents are scientists and her older brother is an attorney. They all still live in Los Angeles. As a child she loved the arts, especially Indian classical dance which she studied from age five through college. Her parents made sure she had opportunities to experience new cultures, attending theater and art performances around LA, and traveling with her school and dance troupe around the world. She passes this along to Jayan today by exposing him to a variety of events around the Bay Area and traveling with him extensively.

Anu has a BA from Stanford University, an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from UC Berkeley. She is committed to social justice, so she has pursued several career paths that included this passion, including as a civil rights attorney, international women’s rights policy advocate, and as a school administrator for a start-up school in San Francisco. She’s currently taking some time off to be with Jayan and decide her next work adventure, since she wants something that’s meaningful and fulfilling but that will also afford time for the family. She meditates daily and enjoys swimming and pilates. She volunteers at Jayan’s school as well as at a school serving low-income families and for the San Francisco Mayor’s office on ensuring equal pay for male and female workers in the city.

Anu is a wonderful, devoted mother. She encourages imaginative play and thinks of cool projects to do together with Jayan, such as learning to cook and making interesting art. She smothers him with hugs and kisses and makes sure to be active in his school as a room parent and running school-wide events.

From Jayan

I am six years old and I love to explore and play. I like cooking with my mom and playing Star Wars and superheroes with my dad. I enjoy entertaining my friends and family with my songs, jokes, stories and dances. I love little kids and play with my cousins and my parents’ friends’ babies all the time. My family thinks I should start babysitting now because I’m so good with young children. I am really excited to be a big brother!

Our Family by Anu

My parents live in Los Angeles and we visit them every couple of months. Akash’s immediate family is spread out around the country so we see them two to four times a year, including our annual Christmas trip abroad with them. We have a large circle of friends in San Francisco from college so we have a full house during the week with folks stopping by and staying for dinner on a regular basis. I love that Jayan has a circle of smart, caring adults around him all of whom have different interests they can share with him. They all adore Jayan and are excited about having a new little one to welcome into our home.

4-HomeOur Home by Akash

We have lived in the Bay Area for almost twenty years and have decided to make San Francisco our home. We recently bought a home near Golden Gate Park so that our children could have the best of the dynamic city life San Francisco has to offer while also being close to beautiful natural surroundings. We bought a house with the intention of having room to grow our family. We have a large indoor play space and backyard at our home. We love exploring the neighborhood and are regulars at the many parks, museums, and great restaurants within walking distance of our home. On weekends we walk to our local brunch spot, stop at the neighborhood farmers market, then meet friends at Golden Gate park for a play date. It’s a great city and we love living here!

Adoption and Our Values

We have always been interested in adoption. When we got married and decided to have a family we discovered it was difficult conceiving our son, and afterwards we learned that we would not be able to have any more children. We are excited now to work through the process of adoption to welcome a new child into our loving home. We are committed to providing a rich, robust, loving environment to our children.

We believe that in life it’s important to focus on each step of the journey. We will try to make sure that our children are exposed to as many things as possible so that they are open to all the world has to offer and enjoy each day. We were both raised in families that highly value education and we continue that with our family. Jayan is surrounded by books and is exposed to theater and art. He is in a Mandarin immersion school (which he loves) so that he can learn another language and be a global citizen. The school offers a truly wonderful learning environment that we plan to make available to all our children. Please know that we will provide our children with every opportunity to build a strong foundation for success in their lives.

5-Thank YouThank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We are grateful that you are considering our family to provide your child with a loving home. We will make sure that your child has every opportunity to thrive and reach his or her greatest potential. We hope that we will be able to speak with you soon and discuss your hopes and dreams for your child.

We can be reached toll free at 800-691-7158 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at

Best wishes,

Anu & Akash