Chip and Darian

Dear Expectant Mother,

image002Thank you for this opportunity to share our story with you!  We share your desire to provide a nurturing home for your child and look forward to learning about your hopes and dreams for your child.

We would love to connect with you–we would love to learn more about you and are honored that you are considering us as parents for your child.

– Chip and Darian

About Us

image004When we met in 2005, we immediately knew we had found our match. From our love of animals and goofy sense of humor, to our geeky interests and hobbies, we were best friends from the start. We were married a few years later during a weeklong snow trip with three generations of our family. We are excited to begin the next chapter of our lives together and welcome a child into our loving home.

Meet Chip (by Darian)

Sometimes I spontaneously exclaim “Favorite!” to Chip because that is exactly what he is: my favorite person. He’s my love, my best friend, and my partner. Chip is a smart, patient, loving, responsible, and fiercely loyal man, yet a silly, funny, and playful kid at heart. My nephews love their fun Uncle Chip! At family gatherings they always seek him out to play a board game or talk about video games and comic books. I love seeing these little glimpses of what an engaged dad he’ll be.

As a software engineer with one of the top tech companies in nearby Silicon Valley, Chip has a flexible schedule that ensures he will always able to be there for the important moments in our child’s life.

image003Meet Darian (by Chip)

When Darian smiles, the room lights up, and I am blessed that she is my wife. She brings a happiness to our household that truly turns it into a home. Our door is always open to our nieces and nephews, be it hosting birthday pool parties or month-long summer visits. When I see how engaged she is in the lives of her nieces and nephews, I know she will be an amazing mother.

Before we moved to our new home, Darian’s career as the manager of a veterinary hospital was the perfect fit for her leadership skills and love of animals. Once we relocated, we
decided that it would be best for our future family for her to be a stay at-home mother. Our child will feel safe and loved knowing that Darian is always there for him or her.

Our Home

image007We live in Newark, California, a quiet town in the southeast San Francisco Bay Area. We share our laughter-filled home with our sweet dog, Izzie, and some cuddly cats.  We can’t wait to see our child carrying their favorite kitty around the house.

The Bay Area is full of zoos, beaches, museums, parks, nature reserves, and events – there are endless things to do as a family! Here in our family-friendly neighborhood, there’s a beautiful lake with lots of ducks and geese, and a public farm with a little petting zoo. We know our child will love these places as much as we do.

Our Family

image001-2We are fortunate that lots of our family lives in the area, including many nieces and nephews of all ages. We love hosting large family events like relaxed poolside barbecues, rowdy game nights, and boisterous holiday gatherings.

We’re excited that our child will have lots of fun cousins and loving aunts and uncles in their life, and, in time, have a little brother or sister! We look forward to visiting their grandma in Tennessee and cousins in Oregon, North Carolina, and Texas.

Our Interests

We love the adventure that comes with traveling the world. We’ve been rained on at Stonehenge, explored castles in Scotland, and stood amidst ancient Greek ruins; we can’t wait to share experiences like these with our child!

We enjoy playing games of all kinds. Monday nights are board game nights for us, and we look forward to building that tradition with our child. We think he or she will love that our big family gatherings are always full of lots of board and card games, too.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

We plan on providing our child every opportunity. We both view the world through wide-eyed wonder, and we can’t wait to help our child experience it! We plan to share our love of books with our child by reading with him or her every day, and share our love of nature by having many family adventures outdoors.

From traveling the world together to trying fun science experiments at home, we want to nurture our child’s passion for learning and foster their innate curiosity. It’s important to us that we help our child develop confidence and a strong sense of self, as well as kindness and empathy.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We want you to know that we feel it’s essential that your child feels safe, loved, and connected to family. We honor the importance of biological roots for children as they grow and find their way in the world.  We would love to learn about the kind of contact you would like to have with your child in the future. We hope these pages will give you some insight about who we are, and we would love a chance to connect with you in a way that feels comfortable for you.

With hope and warm regards,
Chip and Darian