Marc and Lauren

Dear Expectant Mother,

Marc and LaurenHi-we are Marc and Lauren. We are so excited to finally start the family we have wanted for so long. We are ready to welcome a child into our lives and cannot wait to experience all the joys that parenthood has to offer. We have so much love and support to give a child and will offer every possible opportunity to him or her. We hope this letter gives you a picture of us, and our life together, and we hope that after reading it you will want to get to know us a bit more.

Our Story

Our Story began in 1996 while we were attending college at the University of Florida. We met and fell in love, but before we started our life together we had things we needed to accomplish on our own. Marc went to film school and Lauren joined the Peace Corps and went to Jordan. Once Marc graduated, he visited Lauren to see if that spark was still there, which it was! We traveled all over the Middle East and had a great time experiencing the wonders of the world. After Marc got back he immediately starting shopping for a ring and soon after we were engaged.

HomeIn May of 2003, we got married surrounded by our friends and family in Jamaica and started our lives in San Francisco. We made new friends and fell in love with the City. In 2006 we were lucky enough to buy a home, which we still live in today. We love our home, our neighborhood and our neighbors whose children we have watched grow up over the past 9 years. Colorful murals decorate the walls of our neighborhood, and there are many parks within walking distance of our home. Our area is the sunniest part of San Francisco, so we BBQ in the back yard or sit on the stoop with our dogs, Rollie and Frida. We love to take walks with the dogs or take them to the park where they play with the kids. On weekends we go to the beach or take a hike in the woods. We like to connect at the end of the day by cooking dinner together. We also enjoy taking weekend trips to go snowboarding in the winter or canoeing in the summer.

Our home has a second bedroom for the child that we hope will soon join our family. We had hoped to have a child naturally, but were not able to do so. However, we have a strong desire to be parents and we are excited about the idea of adopting. We want very much to share our lives with a child.


MarcI did most of my growing up in Florida and have always loved the ocean. I have been surfing and skateboarding since I was a child and still love to do both today. I played baseball, soccer, and basketball through high school, and have great memories of playing catch with my grandfather who was a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940’s. I consider myself a creative soul and I was lucky enough to make a career for myself in the arts. I work in film and television as a lighting director. I also enjoy building light sculptures, DJing, and photography. I hope to share all of my loves with a child and encourage them as they discover theirs.

I am excited to share my beliefs with our child. I believe that you can make anything happen if you want it badly enough and work hard enough. I want to share my love of sports from baseball and basketball to surfing and snowboarding. I want to share my love of music, art, and creative things that are out there just waiting to be discovered. I am excited to watch our child experience the world through his or her own eyes.

Marc by Lauren

Marc is the funniest person I know. He constantly makes me laugh. He is also a very smart and driven person. He is extremely creative and is at his happiest when he is making some kind of art. I know that Marc is going to be a great father because he is dedicated to his family. He will take great care of a child, ensuring that he or she has every chance to learn, to be creative, and to have fun.


I was born in Alabama and moved around quite a bit before settling in Jacksonville, Florida during junior high school. I have always felt that moving a lot as a child has helped shape me into an adventurous and easy-going person who likes new experiences and can make friends easily. I was very active in dance (tap, jazz, ballet), softball, and tennis, which I pursued at the tournament level through high school. I still regularly put on the tap shoes and take classes today. I love musical theater (a passion I developed when I was young), and still enjoy going whenever I get the chance. At 14, I had the opportunity to stay with a family in Italy for a summer, and that gave me a life-long love of travel and learning about different cultures. Since then, I traveled as much and as often as I could, even living in Jordan for two years after college.

LaurenIt is important to me to help people where I can. I think the Peace Corps was such a perfect fit for me because I could experience a new culture all while helping people. I like to volunteer my time, from helping children learn at the science museum to helping high school kids prepare for job interviews. I even help people in my current job, as an Analytics Manager for a small technology startup, where I help my team make decisions and help the company succeed.

Lauren by Marc

Lauren is a kind person who is supportive of friends and family. She drops everything to help out wherever she can. Lauren loves to laugh and can light up the room when telling a story. I know Lauren will be a fantastic mother because she will show our child how to be a good person who helps family, friends, and strangers. She will support our child’s passions and creativity and will share with him or her all the exciting things life has to offer.

Friends and Family

Friends and FamilyWe are blessed with great friends and family. Marc’s brother, Matt lives 10 minutes away with his wife and young son. Lauren’s sister, Kimberley, lives in Denver with her husband. We have more family in Atlantic Beach, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia, where we have a large extended family full of kids. Both sets of parents visit at least twice a year and we visit them as much as possible. We plan to have Lauren’s mom spend a few months with us to help us with our child in the beginning.

We are very lucky to have a huge circle of friends in San Francisco that we consider part of our extended family. Many of our friends have children of their own, so we celebrate birthdays, go to school plays, and generally have a lot of fun with the kids. We often enjoy picnics and movies with our friends’ kids.


We have wanted to be parents for several years now, and we are very excited at the prospect of adopting a child. We are ready for the milestones and the challenges and the laughter and the tears. We look forward to celebrating birthdays, seeing his or her excitement on Christmas morning, and experiencing all the little things that life brings. We will love him or her unconditionally. We will nurture and protect our child and help him or her learn about life. We will praise our child’s success, and be there to support him or her through the challenges of life.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us for the great responsibility of raising your child. We hope this letter has given you a sense of our lives and who we are, and that you are interested in knowing more. We look forward to hearing from you!

We can be reached toll free at 1-888-432-6553 or by email at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at

Best wishes,
Marc & Lauren