Todd and Louise


Hi, we are Louise and Todd. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We really appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents. We hope this letter will help you to get to know a bit about us and we look forward to getting to know more about you, and learning your hopes and dreams for your baby.

We are very excited to welcome a child into our hearts and lives through adoption. Please know that your child will be unconditionally loved. Our home will always be nurturing and stable, and also full of fun, excitement and laughter.

About UsAbout Us

We are a fun-loving, active and adventurous couple. Our journey together started in 2009 when our paths crossed at a local Yoga class. We immediately formed a deep connection based on our many common interests, activities and shared beliefs. We married in 2012 and above all, love spending time together as a family. Through good and bad times, communication and understanding are key to our relationship, as it will be with our child.

Although distance separates us from our extended families, we keep in close contact and get together with them regularly. Todd’s family lives in Detroit and Nashville, and Louise’s family resides in England. Being born and raised in England, Louise first visited the U.S. at the age of 24 and instantly fell in love with San Francisco. She moved to the U.S. permanently eight years later. Todd is originally from Detroit and moved to the Bay Area to take a promotion from the company he worked for. We both keep in close touch with our families through regular video chats sharing daily happenings and news.

Louise is co-owner of a Pilates studio and Todd works in software. We have a loveable dog, Pippa. Pippa spends her days at Louise’s Pilates studio where she is the center of attention as she has a big personality and loves to play. She especially loves children (she is at her happiest when there is a little person running around playing with her).

We love the beach and the mountains. Most of our weekends are spent outdoors. We enjoy hiking with Pippa, camping and kite surfing with friends. Our deep love of the water and the outdoors is one of the things that brought us together and still serves as a deep, common bond today. We plan to give our child the same opportunity to expand his/her horizons through time outdoors and exploring various sporting pursuits.

About Louise

I have two siblings, an older sister and younger brother. We grew up a in a small village in England which is nestled in green fields and quiet streets where we spent much of our time playing and exploring. As a family we spent our summers in Corfu, a Greek isle, where we enjoyed the beach and the warm Mediterranean Sea. We would also share time during the summers with our cousins. Summers were my favorite time, as there was always something going on-someone’s birthday, picnics in the garden and movie nights on the couch, with all the kids bundled up together.

Inspired by wanderlust, I took two years off before attending college for my Sports degree to travel to Asia, where I hiked the Himalayas and toured Nepal, India and Thailand.

Louise by Todd

About UsI fell in love with Louise at first sight. When I finally worked up the courage to talk with her, I loved how spirited she was about life, her work and her passions. The first time she met my parents it was again love at first sight. She became the daughter my mother never had and immediately became part of our family, serving as a caregiver and advisor to her new extended family. Her gift for loving, caring for and helping others has made my family love her as much as I do.

Louise will be an amazing mother. She will provide unconditional love and share her passion for life and her generous spirit-offering up all that she has to help create an amazing life for this new addition to our family.

About Todd

I grew up in the suburbs outside of Detroit and while we were near the city, we were far enough away that I got to enjoy all that the outdoors had to offer. Whether it was riding horses or dirt bikes, I was always outside, and my love for the outdoors continues to this day. While I was born an only child and raised until the age of 7 by a single mother, my family expanded to two sisters and a brother when my mother remarried. We remain in contact and often have family reunions at the lake house in Michigan.

When I moved to California for work, I thought that I would lose that sense of family. But when I met Louise I once again have that amazing feeling of family. I look forward to being able to pack up the camper and spend family weekends together either at the beach, enjoying the sun and surf, or in the mountains of Northern California hiking and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

About Todd by Louise

About Todd by LouiseOne of the first things I fell in love with when I met Todd was his honesty and loyalty. I knew as soon as we met that I would be able to trust him and count on him. He is funny and shy, earnest and loving, always willing to listen, and is a great companion.

The first time we visited the England my family immediately loved him. My nieces love the idea of having an American uncle. They would play games exchanging American and English words-laughing and teasing one another. Todd’s parents are the best in laws one could hope for, his mother and father accepted me with open arms.

Todd will be a wonderful father, sharing his passion for learning and reading, his generosity of heart and time, his respect for all living things. He will always protect and provide for his family, showering them with unconditional love.

Our Home and Community

Our Home and CommunityWe recently purchased a home in the foothills of the San Francisco Bay area. The house is in a friendly neighborhood, has plenty of room for family and a beautiful view of a canyon. With nature all around us we enjoy sitting outside, watching the wildlife and enjoying the beautiful, relaxing scenery.

Our quiet little village has excellent schools and there are lots of parks and lakes nearby. We both love hiking and look forward taking our child on the many hikes that are practically right outside our door. Just down the hill we have an amazing playground for kids. It is the perfect place for spending an afternoon filled with fun and adventure. Our neighborhood also offers a ton of programs for kids in the summer and when our child gets a little older, the amazing museums and attractions of San Francisco are only a short drive away as is the coast and the great activities that it offers.

Thoughts on Parenting

Thoughts on ParentingWe are a very happy couple and agreed early on that we both wanted to be parents. Although we are not able to have children biologically, we are excited about adopting and feel that sharing our lives with a child would truly make our family complete.

Louise is fully committed to being a stay at home mom to care for our child, and Todd intends to make fatherhood his top priority. It is one of our greatest desires to have the opportunity to nurture, love, and care for a child. We plan to provide a very secure and stable environment, in which his or her needs will always come first. We will be very consistent, yet flexible. We strongly value education and will be very involved in our child’s school life. We also believe that it is important to expose children to creative outlets along with a formal education, encouraging them to develop and explore their own strengths and talents.

We both have travelled extensively and intend to give our child the same opportunity to expand his/her horizons through travel and exploring various cultures and environments. Our house will always be filled with plenty of love, creativity, music and adventure.

In Closing

We are extremely grateful to you for considering us as adoptive parents. We look forward to learning more about you and your hopes for your child. Both of us value the special relationships created by adoption and are open to whatever level of contact you may be comfortable with.

Please feel free to call us at 1-888-715-9420 or email us at You can also contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website

Thank you,
Louise & Todd