Keith and Kate

Dear Expectant Mother,

About UsHi! We are Keith and Kate. We are a loving, active and fun couple and we are ready and excited to bring a child into our lives. We admire your courage in considering adoption for your child. We hope that your decision helps to put your mind and heart at peace. We would like you to consider us as loving parents for your child.

We want this letter to give you a little window into our lives and hope we have the opportunity to speak with you one day soon and hear your hopes and dreams for your child.

Our Love & Life Together

We have been together for nearly five years and were married in 2013. We met in San Francisco in our shared apartment building on Valentine’s Day. We met in the garage-Keith was carrying a rose, and Kate playfully asked if the rose was for her. The next day Kate went to her car and found a single red rose with a note from Keith that said, “This one is for you!” We had an instant chemistry and connection from the day we met. We are the best of friends, and we feel truly blessed to have each other. We have great love, respect and trust in each other. We have fun together and love adventure. We both come from wonderful and nurturing families with festive traditions and have now created some of our own. We can’t wait to share all of our love, joy, experiences, and adventures with a child.

We both have successful careers that we enjoy. Keith works for a software company as a Regional Sales Manager. Kate works for a real estate management services company as Chief Marketing Officer.

We enjoy snow sports in Lake Tahoe, Canada, or Utah during the winter and love to go boating on Lake Tahoe and Lake Sonoma during the summer. We stay active by playing tennis, biking around town, hiking and going to the gym. We enjoy vacations to areas such as Boston, Chicago, and Nantucket, and weekend trips to Sonoma/Napa, Carmel, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. We like to have fun with friends and family at our home for sit down dinners, barbecues and to watch sporting events. We share a passion for our sports teams-the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Golden State Warriors. All of these adventures and passions will be even more fun and rewarding when we share them with our child.

FamilyOur Family & Friends

We have a large, fun, and supportive network of family and friends, most of whom live close by. Together, we have three sets of happily married parents, six siblings, seven nieces/nephews, 15 first cousins and we are godparents to three wonderful children. They are all excited to be grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins.

We have a special group of friends whom we’ve been close to for years. Many have young children or are just starting their families. They are so excited about our adoption plans, and we look forward to sharing family outings, meals and celebrations together.

About Keith, by Kate

From the time I met Keith, his caring and loyal nature, and his rock-solid character, impressed me. His friends and family know they can count on him whenever they are in need. He has a positive outlook on life no matter what comes his way, and he is gifted at helping others solve problems. I love Keith’s fun-loving spirit, thoughtfulness, sense of adventure and humor, bear hugs, and his contagious laugh.

Keith was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived there until he was ten when he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to live with his dad. His parents remarried, and both sets of parents provided him with a happy and loving home, filled with stability, support, and guidance. Keith has four sisters and a brother. Two of his sisters are about 20 years younger, so he has been an influential figure in their lives. One of his sisters is adopted so he has experienced how truly special that relationship bond is. As a youth, Keith participated in soccer, rugby, boxing, tennis and the choir. His dad coached many of his soccer teams. Keith enlisted in the Army after High School and spent three years in Germany. Upon his honorable discharge, Keith attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and earned a degree in Business Administration.
Children are drawn to Keith-they naturally trust him, and he’s a lot of fun as well! Whether he is letting our nieces put makeup on him or being tackled by our young cousins, he is always comfortable being surrounded by little people. Keith will be actively involved in his child’s life; he will love, nurture, protect, and give our child every opportunity to become all that he or she can be.

About KateAbout Kate, by Keith

Kate is the light of my life. She is the most compassionate and loving person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her beauty radiates from the inside out and she lights up everyone’s life she touches. My relationship with her has taught me about true love and what it means to have a life partner. Kate has the most incredible heart and unwavering sense of family. Her entire sense of being is focused on helping others.

Kate was born in Rochester, New York and lived there until the age of seven when her dad was offered a job opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area. She played soccer, practiced ballet, jazz and hip hop dance, and participated on several competitive dance and cheerleading teams. Kate played the violin as a child and was selected from her school’s region to play a concert with the Oakland Symphony. She graduated from Cal State University in Sacramento with a degree in Business Communications. Kate has two wonderful and supportive parents with whom she has a close relationship. She also has an older sister, brother-in-law and two nieces with whom she is very close. Kate grew up in a happy and active home where the family sat down to dinner together every evening to share the day’s events.

Kate will be the most incredible mother. Her patience, love, selflessness and understanding of people and situations provide an environment that is safe, welcoming, and warm. Any child would flourish under her parenting and love.

About Our Home

HomeWe now live in a residential neighborhood of San Francisco, just minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge. Our two-bedroom home is warm, bright, happy and laughter-filled! We have a lovely light-filled bedroom that will be the nursery. It is spacious with warm yellow walls and three large windows that overlook large mature trees. The neighborhood is safe, in an excellent school district, and has many families and neighborhood-sponsored events and activities for parents and children. We have easy access to many beautiful natural places, playgrounds, libraries, and museums. Even more important than the neighborhood we live in is our home environment. We believe that home is not only a place, but a feeling, and a child in our home will always feel safe, accepted, comfortable, and loved.

Our Values

Our child will have all of our care, compassion, and acceptance as well as our love. We will provide a solid foundation of values for his or her life. We believe in education as a means to build confidence and skills to ensure a bright future. We look forward to reading with our child and introducing activities that will stimulate his or her learning development. We will seek the best schools for our child and provide him or her with many opportunities such as college and beyond, in the area of their interests.

We both had opportunities to travel with our parents while we were growing up, both across the US and abroad. We still travel with our family for annual vacations to a summer beach house in Maine and a winter holiday trip to Lake Tahoe. We can’t wait to travel with our child to share unique people, geographies and cultures, and to help connect our child to the greater world.

We will provide exposure to various types of art and music and encourage whatever interests our child. We also believe that participating in both individual and team sports are a wonderful way for children to learn how to set and achieve goals while learning how to handle a competitive environment gracefully. We look forward to introducing our child to the many activities and opportunities that will help him or her become a happy, well-rounded and fulfilled person.

Thank You!

Thank YouIn closing, we want to express our gratitude to you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are committed to this process and to being the wonderful and loving parents that you desire for your child. There would be no greater joy for us.

You can reach us toll free at 1-866-274-3415 or email us at You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius and Holly Wotherspoon at 1-800-U-Adopt-US (1-800-823-6788) or email them at You can also visit their website at