Michelle and Giulia


We are really excited about becoming parents and are happy that you are learning a bit about us. We have incredible respect for your decision to consider an adoption plan for your baby. We have a lot of love to share and we hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are. Thank you for reading our letter.

A Little About Us

PhotoWe met while teaching elementary school in 2004 and are excited to now be married. We were great friends before we fell in love, and built our relationship from that foundation. Our similar family values and love of travel strengthen our bond. Whether we’re on a road trip, working on our house or discussing our day at work, we laugh… a lot.

Meet Michelle! by Giulia

Michelle’s laugh is contagious. She has a natural ability to have fun. Whether she’s cooking with her third grade class, or singing with her kids’ choir, she makes the people around her feel happy. Michelle also loves to entertain our family and friends. She is a huge fan of cooking and trying new recipes she finds online. She brings the same creativity to her classroom, blending art and cooking projects with math and reading lessons to make learning fun.

FamilyOur nephews and godchildren love to come over to cook or craft with their ‘Aunt Chelle.’ Michelle loves and nurtures our friends and family, and I know she will be an extraordinary mother. She is so excited to help our child learn about the world through travel experiences, music, food, family and friendships. Michelle’s love of travel has taken her all over North America, South America and Europe and she can’t wait to plan trips for our family. We are both extremely excited to become parents and can’t wait to love, nurture and cherish our child.

Meet Giulia! by Michelle

Giulia is so very kind, gentle, loving and patient with everyone that she meets. She has a personality that makes people gravitate towards her. She is a quiet warrior, always fighting for what is best for those around her, including her students. Giulia is always dancing and singing with her fifth graders, whatever it takes to help her students learn.

Giulia volunteers for a non-profit organization, raising scholarship money for 7th grade girls to attend a summer Technology Camp at a local university. She’s passionate about helping all kids have access to education.

More FamilyTraveling through Europe and living with cousins in Italy for a year, Giulia learned to speak Italian fluently. I look forward to the day when I hear our kids speaking Italian right along with her.

Music has always been a big part of Giulia’s life and I know how excited she is to introduce it to our child. Music, instruments, live theater and choirs will all be a big part of his or her life. Giulia is going to be one phenomenal mom and we can’t wait to raise our child together.

Our Family & Community

We are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who we enjoy spending time with. Between us we have 6 siblings, 5 nephews, 3 little godchildren, countless cousins, and 3 soon-to-be grandparents.

We love to celebrate holidays with family and friends. One of our favorite holiday traditions is to spend time in San Francisco enjoying holiday displays and music, ice-skating and visiting friends. We are excited to include our child in these family traditions. Our child will see holiday musical performances, help with cooking holiday meals, and learn to give back to our community by volunteering. We’re also excited to be part of our child’s holiday and other school events. .

HomeWe feel lucky to have strong friendships with families of many different backgrounds and cultures. Our wider community consists of close friends we’ve met while teaching, and long-time friends from college, high school and even grade school. Everyone in our lives- family and friends, are supportive of our strong belief in building our family through adoption, and are excited to welcome the newest member of our family.

Our Home

We live in a cozy suburb of Sacramento, with the summer and winter recreation activities of Lake Tahoe an hour away. We share our home with Rita, our loyal Labrador retriever and two cats, Fran and Clio. Our child will receive a lot of love from these three snugglers. Our neighborhood has two parks and an elementary school, and we love that there are kids everywhere.

Our Commitment to You

More FamilyOur commitment to education will always remain strong as parents. Along with education, we will travel and provide multicultural and multilingual experiences for our child. We love having a diverse group of friends and family, and feel comfortable that we can welcome and nurture a child of our own or another ethnicity/culture other than our own. We promise that he or she will always know how important you are and about the loving decision you are considering.

We would love to introduce ourselves and get to know you. We can be reached toll free at 1.866.228.4264 and mandg.lovinglife@gmail.com. Learn more about us at https://www.facebook.com/michelleandgiuliaadopt. You can also contact our friendly adoption attorneys, Karin Stoeckenius, Holly Wotherspoon and Susan Romer, at 1.800.U.Adopt.US (1.800.823.6788) or e-mail them at info@adamsromer.com.

All our best, Michelle and Giulia