Next Steps

What are the Next Steps?

iStock_000002550039MediumContact us to set up a time to meet with us at our San Francisco or Sonoma County office. You will meet with at least one of our adoption attorneys for a two hour consultation. At the consultation we’ll help you begin your adoption planning, provide you with adoption materials and resources, give you an idea of the costs of your adoption, and answer your question about adoption. The meeting also will also give you a chance to get to know us so you can decide for yourself if our firm is the right choice for you.
Once you retain our law firm, you will talk with our team about adoption issues to help you further prepare for adoption. We will assist with your letter (also called a profile) to birth parents, give advice on choice of photos for your letter, and help you learn ways to connect with an expectant mother. After you are matched with a birth mother and she delivers the child, you will likely take the baby directly home from the hospital. About 8 months later, we will finalize your adoption in court.