What happens at the hospital?

iStock_000020966294MediumOnce you have successfully matched with adoptive parents, and before you go into labor, it is time to plan for the birth of the baby. Labor and delivery can be a very emotional experience for everyone. The choices about labor and delivery are totally yours. You are the parent of the child through your pregnancy and delivery, during the time in the hospital, and until you have terminated your legal rights, if you ultimately do so. You should not be pressured by anyone to place your child for adoption. You cannot sign a termination of your rights until after discharge from the hospital, and when you are ready and certain you want to go forward with the adoption.  After you create a delivery/hospital plan that feels right, we will notify the hospital with a letter. This letter will inform the staff that you are planning to place your baby for adoption and outline your wishes for the delivery and hospital stay. It will also include a release of information that authorizes hospital staff to share all medical information with you and the adopting parents. If you go ahead with your adoption plan and want the adopting parents to take the child directly from the hospital, you will need to sign a hospital release at the time of discharge to allow them to care for the child.

Questions to Guide You in Developing a Hospital Plan

  • Who will be at labor? At delivery?
  • Who should hold the baby first?
  • Do you want to remain on the maternity floor after delivery?
  • Do you want to spend time alone with the baby?
  • Do you want the adoptive parents to spend time alone with the baby?
  • How will discharge from the hospital be handled?
  • What name will you put on the original birth certificate?