Birth Fathers

Does the biological father have to participate?

iStock_000002214759MediumIt is helpful if the mother and father are supportive of each other through the pregnancy and adoption process. We welcome the involvement of fathers. However, this involvement is not always present. If you are in contact with the father, for both legal and ethical reasons we must serve him with notice that an adoption is being planned. We will need your help in finding him. If the father is your husband, is on the birth certificate, or has supported you financially or emotionally through the pregnancy, he can sign a consent to the adoption, just like you.  Or, if he prefers, he may sign a waiver of his rights even before the birth of the child.  If he is not married to you, or supporting you through the pregnancy, he may also sign a consent or waiver of his parental rights before the child is born.  However, he may prefer to do nothing after service of notice and our office will terminate his rights through the court. If a father is going to contest the adoption, we want to know early so we can discuss the situation. Our office is always careful to handle the father in a courteous and legal manner so that we will have a safer adoption for your child.  If there is more than one possible father, we will privately give notice to each. If you have no way of determining who the father is, we will need a declaration explaining the situation and will terminate his rights through the court.