Stepparent, Relative, and Adult Adoption

 Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption: We can assist if you would like to legally adopt your spouse’s or domestic partner’s child. We terminate the other legal parent’s rights, coordinate with the investigative social worker, and complete all necessary legal work, including court appearances. With respect to same sex families, our office is highly experienced in this evolving area. We are happy to discuss legal developments and options with our LBGT clients.
Relative/Guardianship Adoption: We can help you to legally adopt a relative who is a minor. We terminate the legal parents’ rights, coordinate with the social worker who will conduct a one visit investigative study, and complete all necessary legal work including court appearances. We can also assist you with adopting a child for whom you are the legal guardian.
Adult Adoption: California law provides that an adult can legally adopt another adult in certain circumstances. Often people choose to adopt an adult stepchild (over 18) because it is an easier process than the stepparent adoption of a minor, or a relative or someone close to them either for emotional or inheritance purposes. We can help with the entire process, including filing the necessary documents in court and appearing with you in court to finalize the adoption.